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TCU Summer Harp Workshop


Summer 2024 • July 8-10

Photo of Harp Workshop in sessionThis workshop offers three days of solo masterclasses as well as interactive and informative workshop sessions about the harp. Kela Walton will offer a masterclass and classes on performance wellness and mindset, and the life of a professional harpist.  At the end of the workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to perform on the final recital. This year’s workshop will celebrate being able to create music together again, safely in the same space.

The TCU Summer Harp Workshop is open to young pedal harpists 8th grade and above, intermediate to advanced level. Students are asked to bring their own instruments, as the availability of rental harps is quite limited.

Masterclass – In a dynamic masterclass setting, each student will have the opportunity to receive individually tailored instruction on a prepared solo of their own choosing. Students may select 2 pieces of repertoire from standard harp solo literature, All-State etudes, orchestral excerpts, harp concerto, or chamber music repertoire.

For more information, contact:
Kela Walton, director

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