Undergraduate Resources

Undergraduate Resources

The College of Fine Arts guides you every step of the way to identify and accomplish your academic and career goals. Use the following resources to plot your degree progress, explore career directions and gain professional experiences through internships.

College of Fine Arts undergraduate forms may be submitted online. Once all signatures are obtained and the form is complete, upload to our forms inbox. 

Degree Plan

Develop your degree plan with faculty advisors who are committed to your personal and professional success. Students must submit this form to request an official degree plan when they have completed 54 hours or at the end of their sophomore year.

Degree Plan Form


Intent to Graduate Form

Students must submit the Intent to Graduate form to the College of Fine Arts office when they have completed 96 hours of coursework or two semesters to graduate, whichever comes first. (Students must have a degree plan on file before the Intent to Graduate will be completed.)

Intent to Graduate Form


Additional Forms

A student must submit this form if you are requesting 18 hours or more of coursework during registration or requesting a late add/drop of a course.

Enrollment Overload Form

Late Add/Drop Form

A student must submit this form if you are requesting to have an extension of time to remove an “I” incomplete.

Incomplete Extension Form

Approval for Transfer Courses Instructions (PDF)

Use this form to get approval for transfer credit. Prior approval from the dean’s office is always required for transfer coursework.

CORE Transfer Equivalency Guide (PDF)

The transfer courses listed in this guide are accepted toward the TCU CORE. Additionally, the numbers associated with the courses on this form are the Texas Common Course numbers. If the course you wish to take does not use the Texas Common Course numbers, please use the course title to determine whether your class might work as a transfer class.

Transfer of Major Coursework Form (PDF)

Use this form to receive credit for transfer coursework in the major. Please be sure to follow the instructions on the form. Submit completed forms via email to CoFADegreePlan@tcu.edu or in person at MOUN 123. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student.

The College of Fine Arts Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Grants support student excellence in academic and artistic projects. These grants are open to all current TCU Fine Arts majors in good academic standing. Preference will be given to graduating seniors and students who have not previously been awarded an URCA grant. The maximum award will be $750 per student per year. Funds are not available for summer projects. Applications will be reviewed once a month, beginning on the second Monday of the month, from September until April, or as long as funds are available. Decisions on awards will be emailed by the third Monday of the month in which the application was reviewed.

2022-2023 Deadlines
Spring 2023: April 11

URCA Grant Description and Application

Departmental Honors: Goals and Duties

Student Responsibilities:

First steps

  • Talk to your Honors advisor about your upper-division Honors options: Departmental Honors vs. University Honors
  • Declare your intent to pursue Departmental Honors (via the Honors College survey and by telling your Honors advisor)
  • Find a professor in your major who is willing to supervise your project; or, if you wish to pursue a project in your minor or area of emphasis, start by seeking permission from the unit head (department chair or program director), then, if permission is granted, find a professor in your minor or area of emphasis who is willing to supervise your project
  • Talk to your supervising professor about the course requirements for Departmental Honors in their department or program

Phase 1 (typically during junior year or first semester of senior year)

  • Enroll in the first required Departmental Honors course
  • Work with your supervising professor to identify 1-2 committee members (the required number varies by unit)
  • Submit a Departmental Honors Registration Form to the Honors College
  • Complete the requirements for the first Departmental Honors course

Phase 2 (typically during second semester of senior year)

  • Complete the requirements for the second Departmental Honors course
  • Present your project in a public forum (in a venue and format determined by your college or school)
  • Two weeks before final exam week, submit a complete working draft of your project to the Honors College (via the Honors College online submission system)
  • [Please note: the purpose of this deadline is to guarantee that faculty committees and students have at least two weeks to complete a final round of feedback and revision; however, the Honors College strongly encourages supervising professors to set earlier deadlines, to better facilitate the feedback/revision process.]
  • On the Monday of final exam week, submit your final document to the Honors College (via the online submission system)

Departmental Honors process and principal duties (pdf)

Departmental Honors Guidelines