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Join a passionate community that fuels your talents and sparks your personal growth. TCU’s College of Fine Arts is a hub of scholarship and creativity in North Texas for musicians, designers, artists and more. From here, you’ll access a dazzling array of art museums, performing companies, symphonies and theatres, as well as industry leaders in design and fashion merchandising.

What will you study?

The 33 areas of undergraduate study and 24 areas of graduate study lay a foundation of excellence through academic and artistic rigor.

Career Preparation

We empower individuals to pursue their passions, elevating the arts through their intelligence, talent and values. Horned Frogs are prepared to be global leaders.

TCU Percussion performs at PASIC

The TCU Percussion Orchestra and Ensembles will perform in Indianapolis at the Percussive Arts Society international convention in November as one of three university ensembles selected through a blind judging process.

DanceTCU Fall Concert, Nov. 7, 8 & 10

Join the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance for an exciting performance of original repertoire by TCU faculty and guest artists in the Ed Landreth Auditorium. Photo credit: Sharen Bradford The Dancing Image

TCU Gives Day

Join the College of Fine Arts for TCU Gives Day from noon to noon on Nov. 13-14 to support students pursuing their passions!

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TCU Gives Day: Theatre TCU produces classic musical 42nd Street in off-campus theatre
The Department of Theatre produces eight shows each academic year with varying cast and crew sizes, technical needs and production costs. Last year, T...


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TCU Gives Day: Studio Art MFA students participate in artist-in-residency program abroad
Video courtesy Adam Fung. This story originally appeared in the fall 2019 issue of Fine Arts News. Residency opportunities are an important aspect of ...


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TCU Gives Day: New York internship gives fashion student real world experience
As part of their educational experience, students in the Department of Fashion Merchandising are required to complete a supervised internship between ...


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TCU Gives Day: Music ensembles travel to perform at prominent conventions
The TCU School of Music is a nationally recognized, award-winning institution that features distinguished faculty and more than 300 talented students ...


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TCU Gives Day: Grant program provides dancers professional development opportunities
When classes are out for the summer, students in the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance (SCCDance) must continue their practice to stay in ...


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