Graduate Resources

Congratulations to your admission to a graduate program in the TCU College of Fine Arts! This informational sheet covers some basic information and frequently asked questions, will help get you started on the right track during your graduate studies.

My.TCU. The main TCU portal is located at This site will give you access to a wealth of information, including grades, financial aid data, personal information, and more. This is also where you will register for classes.

TCU ID Cards. All incoming graduate students should plan to obtain a TCU ID card as soon as possible. The ID Card Center is housed in the Brown-Lupton University Union (BLUU), and is open 8-5 M-F. Additional information is available at

Parking Permits. Graduate students (on- and off-campus) are eligible to apply for parking permits on campus. The cost of permits is not included in graduate financial aid. Additional information is available at

The graduate catalog. The Graduate Catalog contains a wide range of information related to policies, degree plans, and courses—it’s a key document and reference point for your time at TCU. You may find it at Please note that the catalog at the time when you declare your degree (usually your first semester) is the catalog that applies throughout your time at TCU.

Deadlines. The TCU Academic Calendar is available on the Registrar’s website, Please be sure to review this calendar and adhere to all deadlines. The Schools of Music and Art may also have internal deadlines for completion of specific degree requirements or responsibilities. Please pay careful attention to communications from the units regarding those deadlines.

Registering for Classes. It is critical that graduate students enroll in a timely manner, so please plan to meet with your advisor(s) as soon as possible. Please note that some courses may require permission numbers to enroll; those will be assigned by your advisor or another designee in either Music or Art. Students cannot be guaranteed full funding for any courses added after the registration deadline, so please ensure you are completely and correctly registered.

Health Insurance. TCU’s Student Health Insurance (SHI) is available to graduate students. Graduate students in the College of Fine Arts who are receiving an assistantship are eligible for a Graduate Health Insurance Award (HIA), which covers 75% of the cost of this insurance plan. More information is available at

International Students. Students who are joining the TCU community from outside the US will receive information from the International Student Services Office regarding their visa status, financial status, and I-20 forms. For assistance or additional information, please visit

Contact Information:


For more information or if you have additional questions about our graduate programs, please contact the School of Music or the School of Art.

School of Music
Ed Landreth Hall 120
TCU Box 297500
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Phone: 817-257-7232

School of Art
Moudy North 245
TCU Box 298000
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Phone: 817-257-7643