A Focus on DEI

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The College of Fine Arts values diversity, equity and inclusion as integral to the mission and life of the college and as a cornerstone of arts education.

We appreciate and celebrate the diversity of human experience and recognize the unique power of the arts to give expression to those experiences. As such, we are conscious of our responsibility to cultivate an environment in which the voices of all communities may be heard and are embraced.

We understand that people come from different backgrounds, are privileged or disadvantaged in ways beyond their control and occupy different positions in society. We look to actively engage these differences in the commission of our roles as educators and artists, engendering empathy and empowering creativity in others through these efforts.

Arts Programming Grant

We are committed to offering diversity, equity and inclusion events, programming and curriculum for TCU students, faculty and audiences across North Texas, including initiatives funded by the Programming Grants Supporting Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Arts Programming Initiatives

Fulfilling TCU’s mission to develop ethical leaders and critical thinkers in a global community depends on the university’s ability to attract and retain students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. A diverse and inclusive campus leads to innovation, broadened perspectives and understanding – values that are foundational aspects of higher education.