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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

TCU College of Fine Arts Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The College of Fine Arts at TCU values diversity, equity and inclusion as integral to the mission and life of the college and as a cornerstone of arts education.

We appreciate and celebrate the diversity of human experience and recognize the unique power of the arts to give expression to those experiences. As such, we are conscious of our responsibility to cultivate an environment in which the voices of all communities may be heard and are embraced.

We understand that people come from different backgrounds, are privileged or disadvantaged in ways beyond their control, and occupy different positions in society. We look to actively engage these differences in the commission of our roles as educators and artists, engendering empathy and empowering creativity in others through these efforts.

Arts Programming & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

The College of Fine Arts is committed to offering diversity, equity and inclusion events, programming and curriculum for TCU students, faculty and audiences across North Texas, including initiatives funded by the Arts Programming & Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiative Programming Grants.

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Current Committee Members

Martin Blessinger, chair (School of Music)

Lori Diel, ex officio (School of Art)

Mary Nangah, ex officio (School of Art)

Suki John (School for Classical & Contemporary Dance)

San-ky Kim (School of Music)*

Sara-Jayne Parsons (School of Art)

James Rodriguez (School of Music)

Alan Shorter (Department of Theatre)

Kate Weyenberg (Student Development Services)

Kim Phan Nguyễn, Graduate Student Representative (School of Art)

Hailey Campbell, Undergraduate Student Representative (Department of Design)

*Indicates College Diversity Advocate

Since 2016, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the DEI Committee have made progress toward making TCU a more inclusive campus. The increase in learning and development opportunities and the initiative to implement the DEI essential competency in the core curriculum are a few of the initiatives that TCU is proud to have accomplished.

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A Focus on DEI

University Resources

The university has DEI resources for prospective students, current students and faculty/staff, and maintains an online reporting system for bias incidents.

More Information

The Art Galleries at TCU Resources

Reflecting on conversations about Black Lives Matter and the events of summer of 2020, Kim Nguyen MA ’21 worked with the Art Galleries at TCU to research and compile a resource list to share with TCU students, faculty and staff. This extensive list includes information about black artists, local black-owned businesses and support organizations, media and more. As the nature of this research is ongoing and collaborative, we welcome additional contributions. Please contact the Art Galleries at TCU ( with any information you wish to share.

Organizations, Artists and Resources List