Leadership & Career Readiness

Center for Career & Professional Development

The Center for Career and Professional Development plays a crucial role in preparing students for life after college and in helping alumni through career transitions. The main office is located in The Harrison, Suite 1100. Open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

You’ll have access to a career consultant who works with fine arts students. Think of this consultant as your personal stylist for every phase of your college career — from developing your personal brand early on through locating jobs when you graduate.

Melanie Coulson
Career Consultant to the College of Fine Arts



How to Get Started

Schedule one-on-one meetings with your career consultant, who will assess and analyze what you need most. Whether you’re crafting a speech or preparing for a job interview, your career consultant is there on the sidelines — pushing you into the game.

Take advantage of everything the Center for Career and Professional Development has to offer:

  • Internship Scholarship Program: Apply for financial support to secure and complete local, national, and international internship opportunities.
  • Frog Jobs: Discover jobs and internships across the United States on TCU’s online jobs listing.
  • Career and Intern Expo: Attend the fall and spring campus-wide events to explore job and internship opportunities.
  • University E-portfolio Course: Learn how to visually represent everything you’ve learned with potential employers.
  • Interview Workshops: Prepare for your interview with a career consultant. Perfect your 30-second intro, know what to wear and learn how to follow up.
  • Resumes for Arts Major: Instead of using a one-size-fits-all resume, gain a competitive edge with a resume that maximizes your major and its skill set.
Center for Career & Professional Development