Student Experience

Student Experience

At TCU, you’ll perform in numerous concerts and master classes of world-renowned artists and guest orchestras, and access a wide variety of top-quality ensembles from bands to orchestras and choirs.

Orchestra and Strings

The TCU School of Music offers a world-class education from a faculty that includes nationally and internationally recognized musicians in violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, and guitar.


With TCU’s long-standing reputation as a strong piano school, the School of Music offers a wide-ranging program to students of varying abilities.

University Bands

The TCU Bands have a long and distinguished tradition of excellence and accomplishment spanning over a century. Membership in the bands carries with it a significant responsibility to uphold and continue that tradition. It involves dedication, achievement, and hard work.

Voice and Choral

The TCU School of Music prepares students for success whether they choose to use their vocal talents on stage, in the classroom or elsewhere in life.

Expand your horizons by studying abroad in more than 50 countries, plus service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe. In addition to TCU’s semester, summer, and short-term programs, music majors can study abroad in a faculty-led summer program. Students have explored music in Florence and Venice with Dr. Blaise Ferrandino and Sheri Neill, earning credit in MUSI 10043 — Music in Northern Italy.

Study abroad is an eye-opening and life-changing experience. While abroad, you’ll cultivate your cross-cultural communication, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and become more adaptable, self-reliant and internationally aware. Our students return to TCU with new skillsets and perspectives — and better equipped to succeed in the global economy.

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Music Ambassadors

Calen Garza, senior | Music Education, voice |

“My favorite thing about TCU is the warm, welcoming sense of community that pervades campus. Whether in class, the BLUU, a football game, or anywhere in between, everyone you meet is genuinely glad to see you."

Brianna Halsema, junior | Music Education, horn |

“TCU offers resources and experiences that cannot be beat! I have many opportunities to flourish individually and get to work on a personal level with renowned professors."

Max Healy, sophomore | Music Performance, cello |

“My favorite place at TCU is the hallway with the practice rooms in Ed Landreth. Whether I’m there practicing or hanging out, there is this sense of unity, all of these like-minded people gathered for the love of music.”

Emily Jackson, junior | Music Performance, soprano |

“My favorite thing at TCU is the amazing, uplifting community of the School of Music. In every single one of my ensembles and classes, I feel at home."

Kaitlyn Norwood, junior | Music Education, trombone |

“I love that TCU is a campus that cares. We have engaged and friendly faculty and a positive atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration."

Kathryn Piña, junior | Music Performance, soprano |

“One of my favorite things at TCU is the supportive environment in the School of Music. This nurturing atmosphere allows me to feel safe as I develop as an artist."

Alex Rodzewich, sophomore | Music Education, percussion |

“My favorite thing about TCU is how nice and welcoming the community is. My entire first year on campus was amazing because I had a sense of belonging.”

Chengjin Tian, sophomore | Music Education, double bass |

“As a TCU Frog, we have a lot of opportunities to play and listen to all kinds of music. My favorite experience in the TCU School of Music is our great Orchestra rehearsal on the stage every week."

Patrick Vu, senior | Music Education/Music Composition, voice |

“My favorite thing about TCU is the community and that is especially evident within the TCU School of Music. At TCU, every student has an opportunity to let their voice be heard.”

Our Music Ambassadors assist with School of Music events throughout the year, including auditions and orientation, and are often some of the first people prospective students meet when they arrive on the TCU campus.

Music Ambassadors contribute meaningfully to the School of Music and often offer new ideas that improve the student experience.

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