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New Music Ensemble

The New Music Ensemble program at TCU focuses on performing repertoire that ranges from early 20th century classic works to newly-written music by contemporary composers. In essence, the NME program is a chamber music program with groups of various sizes and instrumentation; however, it is open only to the most advanced TCU music students, and it has a very active faculty participation, too. Our mission is to bring diverse programs of contemporary music to our community. Starting in 2021, we partnered with the Modern Arts Museum in Fort Worth, and our concerts take place in their wonderful auditorium, next to the Café Modern. The NME program is coordinated by Dr. Misha Galaganov.

Participating students enroll in New Music Ensemble class. To enroll, select course (Graduate) MUSI 60150 or (Undergraduate) MUSI 10150.

For more information about the program, contact:
Dr. Misha Galaganov, coordinator