Non-Music Majors

Band Ensembles

MUSI 10220: Concert Band (spring only)

MUSI 10110: Horned Frog Marching Band (fall only)

Choral Ensembles

MUSI 10140: Frog Corps (tenor/bass)

MUSI 10130: Cantiamo (soprano/alto)

Band Ensembles

MUSI 10110: Wind Symphony

MUSI 10210: Symphonic Band

MUSI 10190: Jazz Ensemble

MUSI 10190: Jazz Ensemble II

MUSI 10020: Percussion Ensemble II

MUSI 10020: Percussion Ensemble – Steel Band II

Non-course: Basketball Band (late October – March)

String Ensembles

MUSI 10120: Symphony Orchestra (strings and winds)

MUSI 10350: Cello Ensemble

MUSI 10360: Harp Ensemble

Choral Ensembles

MUSI 10040: Concert Chorale

MUSI 10060: University Singers

MUSI 10070: Vocal Jazz Ensemble

MUSI 10100: Opera Studio

MUSI 10003: Fundamentals of Music Literacy (Music Theory for Non-Majors)

MUSI 10033: Survey of Jazz and Pop Music (FAR credit)

MUSI 10053: Survey of Western Art Music (FAR credit)

MUSI 10073: Survey of Rock (FAR credit)

MUSI 10083: Survey of Film Music (FAR credit)

MUSI 10201: Elementary Ear Training

MUSI 10213: Elementary Theory

MUSI 11021: Intro Piano for Non-Musician (department permission required)

The flexible nine-hour certificate in Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship (ARLE) provides students with knowledge and skills to effectively lead nonprofit organizations and succeed in today’s creative economy, with less time commitment than a traditional major or minor. Undergraduate students completing majors in the College of Fine Arts as well as students pursuing other courses of study at TCU may pursue the ARLE program.

ARLE 20103: Introduction to Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship (required)

ARLE 30103: Leadership in Arts Organizations

ARLE 30203: Financial Management and Fundraising in Arts Organizations

ARLE 30303: Audiences, Community, Programs, and Marketing in Arts Organizations

ARLE 30403: The Creative Economy

ARLE 40103: Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship Experience

ARLE 40903: Internship in Arts & Entrepreneurship

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