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The TCU School of Music is a nationally recognized, award-winning institution that features distinguished faculty and talented student body of 325+ majors and hundreds of non-majors. As one of TCU’s designated Centers of Focus, the School of Music creates an exciting musical environment where students grow as artists, educators and individuals.

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, TCU’s program provides professional training for performers, teachers, scholars and composers, plus a broad array of undergraduate courses for non-music majors.

Award-winning student orchestral, winds and percussion groups; jazz ensembles; and choral, opera and chamber music groups form the core of the hundreds of performances that expand Fort Worth and the Metroplex’s strong cultural climate. Recitals, master classes and seminars by faculty and guest artists enrich the curriculum. The TCU School of Music is committed to the expansion and generation of new music, evidenced by recent commissions and premieres.

More than 70 TCU faculty members are leaders in performance, music education, scholarship and conducting. Students come from all over the world to TCU, where they enjoy a special relationship with their faculty mentors. TCU music alumni populate the globe in pursuit of their music careers, having distinguished themselves as performers, educators, scholars and composers including positions in major orchestras, as faculty members in prestigious universities, professional conductors, and performers in various other musical ensembles.

TCU School of Music Mission

To foster excellence in performance, teaching, creativity, and scholarship while affirming music as an integral part of a classic liberal arts education.

TCU School of Music Vision

To become a world-class university school of music, acknowledged as one of the finest in the country.

TCU School of Music Goals

• Maximize enrollment and faculty size to enable a level of musical excellence commensurate with that of top-tier music programs.

• Provide facilities, equipment, and technology necessary to support programs of international stature and to serve as an aid in student and faculty recruiting.

• Offer programs of study that facilitate music learning and enhance our focus areas of large ensemble performance and piano.


TCU Orchestra


Access state-of-the-art music performance and research spaces

The School of Music is housed primarily in Ed Landreth Hall and the Mary D. and F. Howard Walsh Center for Performing Arts, with other facilities in five other buildings. Ed Landreth Hall contains teaching, practice and rehearsal facilities as well as a historic, 1,200-seat auditorium with superb acoustics.

School instruments include numerous grand and upright pianos, four pipe organs, two harpsichords, a clavichord, brass and wind instruments and a collection of Renaissance and Baroque Period instruments.

All Steinway School logoThe Mary D. and F. Howard Walsh Center for Performing Arts houses a 325-seat recital hall of unprecedented design with outstanding acoustics (PepsiCo Recital Hall), an instrumental rehearsal hall and a choral rehearsal hall. The piano wing is furnished exclusively with Steinway pianos (TCU was Texas’ first All-Steinway School) and includes teaching studios, practice rooms and an electronic piano lab.

A large, comprehensive music library of recordings, reference books, texts, scores is housed in the Mary Couts Burnett Library, with the Upchurch studio for electro-acoustic music and other School of Music programs housed in Jarvis Hall, Music Building South, Foster Hall and Waits Hall.

Choose from a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in TCU’s School of Music.

Areas of Study

With options for non-majors and majors, the TCU School of Music has a variety of ensembles for students to join while studying at TCU.


TCU School of Music prepares students for life after graduation. Many students attend prestigious graduate schools, perform with renowned symphonies and ensembles and teach in schools across the globe.

Career Preparation