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TCU Music Ambassador Application


TCU Music Ambassador Application

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Artist Diploma students within the TCU School of Music are invited to become TCU Music Ambassadors. TCU Music Ambassadors represent the School of Music at various recruitment and special events virtually or on campus, meet with prospective students and their families, provide tours of the music buildings, assist with Mondays at TCU and audition days, serve on panels, and represent the best and brightest within the School of Music. They also identify outreach opportunities to area schools to share information about the important role music plays in our society and what it’s like to major in music in college.

Students interested in volunteering their time as a TCU Music Ambassador must complete an application and include a brief statement of recommendation from a faculty member within the School of Music no later than Friday, September 15.

Those students selected to be TCU Music Ambassadors will receive two TCU Music Ambassador polo shirts, as well as, complimentary meals at select events.

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