William Gibbons

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Musicology
124 Moudy North

william.gibbons@tcu.edu | 817-257-6634


Ph.D., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MA, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA, Emory & Henry College

Courses Taught

Music History III: Music Since 1900
Music in the United States
Seminar: Women in Classical Music Since 1900

Areas of Focus

Music in Film, Television and Video Games , Music in France, 1870-1945, Contemporary Music History, Opera Studies, Cultural Studies

Dr. William Gibbons is Associate Professor of Musicology and Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at TCU, where he teaches courses in contemporary music history and culture. His interdisciplinary research explores topics including musical canons and repertoires, as well as the history and interpretation of music in multimedia.

His newest book, Unlimited Replays: Classical Music and Video Games (Oxford University Press, 2018), examines the complex relationship between these two media from a variety of perspectives, addressing topics from the prominence of classical music in early game soundtracks to the rise of orchestral game music concerts. At its core, this book is a study of what “classical music” means in today’s media-rich culture. His 2013 book Building the Operatic Museum (University of Rochester Press) addresses similar topics in a very different time and place, exploring issues of nationalism and historicism culture through the evolution of the modern operatic repertoire in France.

In addition to these books, Gibbons has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and reviews on these and other topics in media and opera studies. In 2014 he co-edited the essay collection Music in Video Games: Studying Play for Routledge Press, and is currently co-editing a second volume for Routledge, Music in the Role-Playing Game: Heroes & Harmonies, to be published in 2019.

Also in high demand as a public speaker, Gibbons has been invited to present lectures at universities and conferences across the United States and Europe. Closer to home, he frequently collaborates with arts organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including the Dallas Symphony, the Dallas Winds, the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra, WRR Radio, and the Fort Worth Opera Festival. He also performs as a collaborative pianist, most recently performing concerts in the US and France as part of the Ataraxia Duo, an ensemble dedicated to commissioning and performing contemporary works for flute and piano.


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