Angelique Hall

Administrative Assistant
Classical & Contemporary Dance
Erma Lowe Hall, Room 206 | 817-257-7615

Angelique began her TCU career in 2016 with the College of Science & Engineering.  With a background in and deep love of dance, Angelique moved to the SCCDance  in fall of 2018.  As Administrative Assistant for the school, Angelique provides administrative support of faculty, staff, and students by coordinating activities and facilitating department objectives.

Angelique studied dance at Brookhaven College and performed with Brookhaven’s Dancer’s Theatre company, Karen Bower Robinson and Ballet East (Austin, Tx.) under the direction of Rodolfo Mendez.  Angelique was cast is works by Bill Evans, Regina Larkin, Stephen Mills, Fred Benjamin, Andrea Ariel and many others.  Angelique learned about dance education through Ballet East’s Dare to Dance outreach program and has taught classes for the Frances Lea Dance Center for the past 20 years.  As well as teaching and choreographing for the FLDC Company dancers, Angelique is a member of the Dallas Swing Dance Society, Fort Worth Swing Dance Syndicate, and the Jubilee Swing Dance Team.