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Tuition & Fees

Fall 2017 or Spring 2018

Prices are listed below for Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 lessons/classes.
Fees listed are for one 16-week session unless indicated otherwise.
Drops may not occur with the session; fees are non-refundable.

Lesson or ClassFee10% discount*20% discount**
30-min. private lesson$582.00$523.80$465.60
45-min. private lesson$857.00$771.30$685.60
60-min. private lesson$1112.00$1000.80$889.60
20-min. private violin/viola$403.00$362.70$322.40
30-min. private violin/viola$602.00$541.80$481.60
45-min. private violin/viola$913.00$821.70$730.40
60-min. private violin/viola$1204.00$1083.60$963.20
30-min. strings group class***$69.00$62.10$55.20
Artist Faculty private lessons. Rates vary, check with instructor or Music Prep. office (no discounts)
30-min. computer lab$190.00$171.00$152.00
30-min. voice class$319.00$287.10$255.20
60-min. Theory Review**** $15.00no discountno discount
30-min. Early Childhood Music$304.00$273.60$243.20
60-min. Early Childhood Music$573.00$515.70$458.40
60-min. ECM Guitar for Parents#$206.00no discountno discount
45-min. ECM Rhythm Kids#$262.00$235.80$209.60
45-min. ECM Rhythm Kids##$310.00$279.00$248.00
45-min. ECM Generations#$329.00$296.10$263.20
Administrative fee, per student$15.00no discountno discount

*10% discount available for all enrolled members of the same immediate family.
**20% discount available for TCU students or TCU employees and/or immediate family.
**20% discount available for students of TCU graduate student-teachers.
***Held four times throughout semester.
****Held one time per semester.
#Based on 10 weeks.
##Based on 12 weeks.