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Information & Policies

New Students

For new students, please contact Jennifer DeSantis at or 817-257-7604.

Missed Lessons / Makeup Policy

Consistency in attendance is important to a student’s study of music.  We ask that students make every effort to keep the scheduled lesson time.  Due to scheduling restrictions involving space and teacher availability, rescheduled lessons for student cancellations should never be expected.  Many of our teachers have very full schedules, which leave few opportunities for makeup lessons.  Students/parents must bear that in mind if requesting a makeup.

Makeup lessons will be considered only for lessons missed due to 1)illness, 2)family emergency, or 3)advance notice of other conflicts.  Makeups will not be offered for students who miss the lesson without giving prior notice to the teacher.  For lessons to be made up for any reason, it must be done within the current session (fall, spring or summer), and not extended into a subsequent session.


We have dozens of students coming and going every day and want to make sure we share
music, learning and laughter, not germs!  Students should be fever and/or vomit-free for
a minimum of 48 hours before attending a music lesson or class.  In addition to the
student, sick policies apply to those coming inside the building with the student as well.
At least a three hour notice is required for the instructor to consider rescheduling due to

Any students who test positive for COVID will be expected to cancel lessons until they
test negative.  This also applies to students with household members who test positive for


This contingency is reserved for true emergencies only.  Depending on the situation, the
teacher reserves the right to determine whether a makeup lesson may be considered.


Other conflicts may arise such as various pre-planned events, scheduled school activities,
etc.  At least a one week notice is required for the teacher to consider rescheduling the

Computer lab can be rescheduled depending on the situation, as with private lessons (above).  Rescheduled computer lab sessions must fit within the established computer lab hours of operation.

Zoom lessons may be a suitable way to make up a lesson in any of the scenarios above (except for computer lab).  Zoom lessons are to be considered only at the discretion of the teacher  if needed for a makeup, not as part of the normal routine.

As a courtesy to the teacher we ask that students notify the teacher by the first day of registration if a decision has been reached to discontinue lessons.  That provides the teacher sufficient notice to possibly fill the lesson time with new students.

If a teacher must cancel a lesson, every effort will be made to make it up at a mutually agreed-upon time.

TCU Driving Directions & Address

Physical Address:  2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX  76129
Mailing Address:  TCU Box 297500, Fort Worth, TX  76129
From I-30 exit University Drive and go south.  TCU is south of the Fort Worth Zoo, just past the intersection with West Cantey Street.
From I-20 exit Hulen and go north.  Turn right on Bellaire Street, which becomes Berry Street.  Turn left on University Drive, then left on West Cantey.

TCU Parking

Music Prep. students may park in the TCU reserved parking lot on the corner of West Cantey and Rogers Streets.  It is on the west side of University Drive, directly behind University Christian Church.  You may park in the designated Music Prep. spaces along the back fence.  You are not permitted to park in any other space in this lot (7:00 am to 5:00 pm)  You must display your Music Prep. parking permit when parking on campus.  If you are a TCU student or employee, you may park in the Music Prep. spaces only during your or your child’s lesson time.

Campus Locations

Music Prep. activities are held in three different locations.

  1. Ed Landreth Hall: at southwest corner of University/Cantey intersection. From parking lot (above), walk across Cantey St., enter through any of the doors on north side of the building.
  2. Walsh Center for Performing Arts: directly south of Ed Landreth Hall (the buidlings are attached). From parking lot (above), walk across Cantey and along the back (west side) of the Landreth/Walsh buildings. Enter through doors to the left.
  3. Moudy College of Fine Arts: at southeast corner of University/Cantey intersection. From parking lot (above), walk across both Cantey and University, through courtyard in front of the Moudy building and enter through glass doors facing Univ. Drive.

Inclement Weather

Notification of university closures will be posted at:
In accordance with university policies, if TCU closes, then the Music Preparatory Division must comply with that mandate.  All lessons and classes will be canceled, makeups cannot be offered for weather closures.

Student Progress

Our piano, instrumental and voice students are expected to practice six days each week or an equivalent amount.

Recommended daily practice:
4-6 years – 20 minutes
7-9 years – 30 minutes
10-12 years – 45 minutes
13+ years – 60 minutes

Parental encouragement and support is needed for productive and consistent practice sessions.  Both students and parent will be proud of the rapid progress made when sufficient daily practice becomes a habit.  Students become more stimulated by music and more motivated to practice as they realize how much they can accomplish.


Regular recital participation is recommended, with students normally playing in at least one recital per school semester.  Most weeknight recitals will be held on Thursday evenings at 7:00, a minimum of six students is required.  Recital music may include no more than two memorized solo pieces and/or non-memorized duets, with a five-minute limit per student.  Additional recitals may be held on Zoom if there is sufficient need.  For Zoom recitals students play one memorized piece, with a 5-minute limit.  Students are always expected to remain present until the end of the recital.


Private students will receive a written evaluation from the instructor at the end of each school semester.  Piano students will also be evaluated by a panel of instructors during the last week of each spring semester.  This evaluation occurs in lieu of a lesson during that week.  A written evaluation will be given to parents, with copies kept by the teacher and Music Prep. office.  An unsatisfactory evaluation will jeopardize the student’s place in the program.

Cancellation Policy/Termination of Lessons

TCU Fall/Spring enrollment is for 16 weeks, and summer for eight weeks.  Normally only new students may receive a prorated tuition amount if they begin lessons mid-session.  Registration fees are non-refundable and no refunds will be given after the session start date.  Refunds will be considered only in exceptional circumstances with the approval of the Music Prep. Director.  Lessons can be terminated due to insufficient preparation or excessive absences.

Students and/or parents are always welcome to contact uswith questions or concerns regarding lessons and instruction.  Our goal is to work closely with all students to provide high quality music education.

Lori Christ, Director 
Ed Landreth room B14

Jennifer DeSantis, Assistant Director
Ed Landreth room B15

TCU Box 297500, Fort Worth, TX 76129

TIME:  Traditional Instruction for Musical Excellence