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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Makeup Scheduler Password?

What is the best age to start?
As soon as possible. Every child’s development benefits from exposure to music and movement.

Do we offer take home materials?
Yes, you will receive a songbook, music download code and parent guide on the first day of class.

Can I switch to a different class?
Yes, depending on class availability.

Can I make up a class?
Yes, each student is allowed makeup classes for any reason. To schedule a makeup, please visit our online makeup scheduler. The password will be included in your parent information packet.

Can we bring a guest?
On special occasion you may bring a guest and their young child to class with prior permission from the coordinator. Please call 817-257-6134 at least 24 hours in advance to make sure there is space available in the class. It is not necessary to obtain permission to bring another caregiver or adult family member to class. We ask that you please limit to two adults.

What is the duration of each semester?
Fall session is 12 weeks, Winter and Spring sessions are 10 weeks, Summer session is 8 weeks.

How many children are enrolled in each class?
Class sizes vary from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12.

Do parents stay in the class?
Parents/caregivers remain and participate during the 45 minute Music Together® classes.  Please provide childcare for your other children. Babies four months and younger may attend the Mixed Ages class free with their registered older sibling.

What if my child cannot sit still for the duration of the class?
Children are free to move around the classroom during class as long as they are exhibiting safe behavior.  Moving is how they learn.   However, please do not allow your child to run in the classroom, as this is unsafe for all concerned.   When children wander from the circle, parents may take the activity over to them or gently bring them back to the circle.

Please feel free to call or e-mail with questions.
We will work closely with you to make your child’s music education the finest available.

Janis Janes
Early Childhood Music Coordinator of TCU Music Preparatory Division