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Early Childhood Music Schedule

When registering your child, please enroll using your child’s name (not the parent’s name).  If you have difficulty registering, please call TCU’s Extended Education Office at 817-257-7132.

If you have any questions about registration, contact Extended Education at 817-257-7132 (M – F, 9 – 5 pm)



Janis Janes, Early Childhood Music Coordinator of TCU Music Preparatory Division
Telephone: 817-257-6134

May 18 – July 25

NEW – Summer 2020 ONLINE Registration Letter

Tuesday, April 21 at 9:00am – Friday, May 15

Register online at
Call Extended Education at 817.257.7132 (M – F, 9 – 5pm)

When registering – Please register under your child’s name. Only one registration needed per family this summer, unless you are registering for both Mixed Ages and Rhythm Kids.
If you have difficulty registering online, please call TCU Extended Education Office – 817-257-7132


Register Online

Summer 2020 ONLINE Revised Schedule

Summer 2020 ONLINE Calendar

Due to Covid-19, All classes will be held ONLINE this summer.
We are extending the summer session to 10 Weeks to help you and your family cope through this time of quarantine and social distancing.
Zoom classes will not be recorded, but these classes will also have support on Facebook.
If you are not currently on FB, we recommend that you start a short-term account for the next 3 months so that your family does not miss out on any of the offerings from these classes.
ALL Facebook groups will be CLOSED AND PRIVATE and accessible only by invitation.

Lesson or Class Fee 10% discount* 20% discount**
30-min. private lesson $297.00 $267.75 $238.00
45-min. private lesson $438.00 $394.20 $350.40
60-min. private lesson $568.50 $511.65 $454.80
20-min. violin/viola $206.00 $185.40 $164.80
30-min. violin/viola $307.50 $276.75 $246.00
45-min. violin/viola $466.50 $419.85 $373.20
60-min. private violin/viola $615.50 $553.95 $492.40
Artist Faculty private lessons. Rates vary, check with instructor or Music Prep. office (no discounts)
computer lab $97.00 $87.30 $77.60
30-min. Early Childhood Music $155.00 $139.50 $124.00
45-min. ECM Rhythm Kids $225.00 $202.50 $180.00
45-min. ECM Generations $225.00 $202.50 $180.00
Administrative fee, per student $8.00 no discount no discount

January 13 – May 2

When registering — choose “Enroll someone else” and enter your child’s name (not the parent’s name). If you have difficulty registering, Please call TCU’s Extended Education Office — 817-257-7132.

Priority registration for students currently enrolled in Fall 2019 classes
Tuesday, December 3 at 9:00am – Monday, December 9 at 5:00pm
(please do not share your codes with other students)

Open enrollment for new and returning students begins
Tuesday, December 10 at 9:00am

Register Online

Spring 2020 Early Childhood Schedule

Spring 2020 Early Childhood Calendar

Babies 0-8mon Classes
Day Time Teacher Length
Wednesday 12:30pm Jennifer/Meg 30 min
Thursday 11:30am Janis/Meg 30 min
Mixed Ages 0-4yr Classes
Day Time Teacher Length
Monday 9:45am Lauren/Samie 30 min
Monday 10:30am Lauren/Samie 30 min
Monday 11:15am Lauren/Samie 30 min
Monday 4:45pm Janis 30 min
Monday 6:30pm Janis 30 min
Tuesday 9:15am Janis/Meg 30 min
Tuesday 10:00am Janis/Meg 30 min
Tuesday 10:45am Janis/Meg 30 min
Tuesday 11:30am Janis/Meg 30 min
Tuesday 4:45pm Janis 30 min
Tuesday 6:30pm Janis 30 min
Wednesday 9:00am Janis/Meg 30 min
Wednesday 9:45am Janis/Meg 30 min
Wednesday 10:30am Janis/Meg 30 min
Wednesday 11:15am Janis/Meg 30 min
Wednesday 4:30pm Meg 30 min
Thursday 9:15am Janis/Meg 30 min
Thursday 10:00am Janis/Meg 30 min
Thursday 10:45am Janis/Meg 30 min
Thursday 4:00pm Janis 30 min
Thursday 4:45pm Janis 30 min
Friday 9:00am Jennifer/Meg 30 min
Friday 9:45am Jennifer/Meg 30 min
Friday 10:30am Jennifer/Meg 30 min
Friday 11:15am Jennifer/Meg 30 min
Saturday 9:15am Hannah 30 min
Saturday 10:00am Hannah 30 min
Saturday 10:45am Hannah 30 min
Rhythm Kids Classes
Day Time Teacher Length
Mon – L1 - 4-5yr 5:30pm Janis 45 min
Tues – L2 K-8yr 5:30pm Janis 45 min
Wed – L2 K-8yr 5:15pm Meg 45 min
Thurs – L1 4-5yr 5:30pm Janis 45 min
Generations Classes
Day/Time Location Teacher Length
Monday – 10:00am James L. West Alz Sarah 45 min
Saturday – 10:00am James L. West Alz Sarah 45 min
Guitar for Grownups
Day Time Teacher Length
Thursday 6:30pm Janis 60 min
This class is offered to any caregiver of an enrolled Early Childhood Music student.

Classes listed with one teacher will have an assistant or team teacher.