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Participation Program

The Participation Award will be presented to piano students up through age 18 who earn points by participating in numerous activities from June 1 through May 31. At the end of the school year in May all participating students will receive a certificate and students who have earned a minimum of 30 points will be recognized. The levels will be as follows:

Bronze Award
10-17 points/fall
30-44 points/spring

Silver Award
18-24 points/fall
45-54 points/spring

Gold Award
25+ points/fall
55+ points/spring

The individual student who accumulates the highest number of points for the entire year will be the winner of our Royal Purple Award. Please see the following list for a description of events.

Community Performances: Includes performances at senior citizen centers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Music does not have to be memorized but must be securely learned and approved by teacher. points: 2 per 10 minutes performance time, 6 maximum per semester

FWMTA Duo-Piano Competition: Students perform duo-piano repertoire. Event is held at Texas Wesleyan Univ. points: 4 for participants, 1 for place winners

FWMTA Ensemble: Students perform as part of a keyboard ensemble made up of students from various FWMTA studios. Numerous rehearsals required, students must also take and pass the TMTA-SA Theory Test. Rehearsals take place at Fort Worth Steinway Hall. points: 4 for participation, 1 per performance

FWMTA Fall/Jazz Festival: This is recommended for many students; it’s a non-competitive event. The two festivals are held in conjunction. Students play one or two memorized pieces for a judge, event is held at TCU. points: 3 per festival plus 1 for each superior+

FWMTA Master Class: Selected students may perform in an annual FWMTA master class if offered. Event is held at Fort Worth Steinway Hall. points: 4

FWMTA Solo Competition: Students perform two or three pieces, depending on grade level. Place winners are chosen for grades 5 and up. Superior+ students perform in honors recital. Event is held at Texas Wesleyan University. points: 9 points for three pieces or 6 points for two pieces, plus 1 for Superior+, plus1 for honors recitalists plus1 for place winners

NFMC Junior Festival: This festival, sponsored by NFMC, is highly recommended for many students. Students play two pieces: one from Federation list, one choice piece. Students may acquire points toward a gold cup. Superior+ students perform in honors recital. Event is held at Texas Wesleyan University. points: 6 for participants, plus 1 for Superior+, plus 1 for honors recitalists, plus1 for gold cup recipients
3 points for state festival, plus 1 for superior+, plus 1 for winners

School/Church ensembles or accompanying: For students who provide piano/keyboard accompaniment for school ensembles or play piano/keyboard as part of an ensemble. Documentation required (see below). points: to be determined by instructor, 6 points maximum per semester, 3 maximum in summer

TCU Music Preparatory Computer Lab: Provides students with individual theory curriculum in a supervised lab setting. Excellent preparation for Theory Test. Computer Lab is located in Ed Landreth basement, room B10. points: 6 per school semester, 3 per summer session

TCU Music Preparatory Recitals: We recommend regular recital participation, with most students playing in at least two and no more than four recitals per semester. Recital music may include memorized solo pieces and/or non-memorized duets, with a 5-minute limit per student. Students must stay until the end of the recital in order for it to count toward the award. points: 2 per recital, 8 points maximum per semester, 4 maximum in summer

TCU Music Preparatory High School Performance Class: Students may participate in the class, held once each school semester. It is designed to help prepare students for recitals, festivals or contests. Class held at TCU. points: 2

TCU Music Preparatory Honors Festival: This event is for any Music Prep. students nominated by their teachers. Students will play one prepared classical piece for a judge. The judge will select recitalists to perform on an honors recital. Event is held at TCU. points: 4 for participants, plus 1 for honors recital

TCU MTNA Collegiate Chapter Music Carnival: Students at elementary and early intermediate levels attend a one-day carnival with a variety of learning and performing activities. Event is held at TCU. points: 4

TMTA Composition contest: Students may enter and perform an original composition. Points: 6 for local participants, plus 3 for state participants, plus 1 for state winners

TMTA Theory Test: The TMTA-SA state-graded theory test is highly recommended for many students. Given in both the fall and spring, it provides thorough grounding in theory. Test is given at Broadway Baptist Church. points: 6 for a passing score plus 3 for gold medal (score of 98-101), 2 for silver medal (94-97) or 1 for bronze medal (90-93), 4 points for local-graded

Talent Show: For students performing on piano/keyboard in talent shows, at school or elsewhere. Music must be heard by teacher and approved at least three weeks before event. Documentation required (see below). points: 1 per performance, 3 maximum per school year

Misc: Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in activities other than those listed above, such as World of Music testing, Music Memory, UIL performance, Publication Contest, etc. Please discuss activities with your teacher and points may be awarded as are appropriate.

Participation in all events, including any not listed above, is at the discretion of the teacher. Students may receive points for any FWMTA activities, NFMC activities, as well as events sponsored by other organizations, with teacher approval. If teacher is unable to attend event, student must provide written documentation on letterhead from sponsoring organization.