In addition to TCU’s full range of scholarships, the College of Fine Arts offers competitive scholarships for fine arts majors in art, graphic design, dance, music and theatre.

The following scholarships are available only to fine arts students:


Nordan Fine Arts Awards

The Nordan Fine Arts Awards, established by Dr. and Mrs. L. A. Nordan in 1965, are competitive scholarships in art, graphic design, dance, music and theatre.


Nordan Young Artist Awards

Award: $10,000 or more for one academic year

Open to entering first-year students of superior talent in art, graphic design, dance, music or theatre with 12 or fewer semester hours of academic credit. Selection will be by audition or portfolio.

Students who satisfy criteria for renewal will be designated Nordan Scholars and receive a minimum of $10,000 per year for the remainder of their undergraduate program (renewable for up to three years). Nordan Scholar Awards are subject to renewal criteria outlined below.


Nordan Scholar Awards

Award: Minimum of $10,000 per academic year

Open without further audition to holders of the Nordan Young Artist Award who satisfy criteria for renewal. Open to undergraduate majors in art, graphic design, dance, music or theatre when a Nordan Award becomes available. Selection will be by audition or portfolio review. Awards are renewable for the remainder of the student’s academic program, but not exceeding a total of three years.


Renewal of Nordan Awards

Renewal is based on maintaining a 3.0 GPA in the area of the award and successfully meeting the general university grade standards for non-probation students. Refer to your subject area below to determine how to renew your award.


Admissions Information and Deadlines

Nordan Awards will be made only to students admitted to the university. Recipients of Nordan Awards must major in the field of the award. Theatre students must be earning the BFA degree.

Applicants must submit the Free Application for Financial Student Aid to be considered for additional aid programs.

See below for application, interview and/or audition requirements by subject area and learn more about other scholarships and aid available.

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School for Classical and Contemporary Dance

Department of Design

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