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In addition to TCU’s full range of scholarships, the College of Fine Arts offers competitive scholarships for music majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Assistantships, including up to full tuition and a stipend, are available for graduate students.

Nordan Scholar, Aubrey Fineout, Class of 2017

Nordan Scholar, Aubrey Fineout, Class of 2017


For music majors, the School of Music awards numerous scholarships — up to full-tuition awards. Additionally, many students receive both music and academic scholarships. Under special circumstances, non-music majors might also be considered for scholarship awards based on audition and the specific needs of the performing ensembles.

To be considered for an academic and music scholarships, complete the standard TCU Undergraduate Student Application and the School of Music Application by February 1, 2024. Transfer students will also be considered for academic and music scholarships–please see TCU’s transfer dates & deadlines.

TCU Early Action

Music applicants interested in an earlier admission response are strongly encouraged to complete the TCU application procedures before the TCU Early Action deadline of November 1, 2023. TCU Early Action provides application review and nonbinding university notification by January 1, 2024, while allowing applicants to decide by May 1, 2024 (national candidate reply date) whether or not to attend TCU. TCU School of Music admission notification will be sent no later than April 1, 2024.

Please note: Acceptance into both TCU and the School of Music is required for matriculation. Depending on the order of your application materials, you may hear an admission decision first from TCU or you may hear from the School of Music. Please go ahead and complete both applications–it is not necessary to receive notification of acceptance before applying to the other. Additionally, if you are considering double majoring, TCU Admissions recommends that you apply under the degree with an audition. A second major can be declared after matriculation.

Nordan Young Artist Award Scholarship

The Nordan Young Artist Award is an exclusive scholarship, open to entering first-year vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers of superior talent, who have chosen to major in music. Two Nordan winners are chosen each year to receive a four-year, full tuition award. To receive the award, winners must submit the Free Application of Financial Student Aid (FAFSA – required for US citizens) and the CSS Profile by March 1, 2024. Visit the TCU Office of Financial Aid for more information.

A completed online School of Music Application must be submitted to the School of Music by February 1, though we encourage you to apply as early as December 1. Specific repertoire requirements are linked under the tab “Audition Requirements for Area of Study” found on the Undergraduate Student Admission page. How to create a quality prescreen media recording.

In addition to the Nordan Young Artist Award, Scholarship, the TCU School of Music has many full scholarship opportunities.

Xander Byrd – Trombone – BME-Instrumental Concentration

Natalie Caldwell – Violin – BM-Violin Performance

John Dubois – Voice – BM-Vocal Performance

Pauline Napier – Percussion – BME-Instrumental Concentration

Luke McCartney – Saxophone – BME-Instrumental Concentration

Iren Pilikian – Piano – BM-Piano Performance

Joshua Stanczak – Piano – BM-Piano Performance

Julianne Tai – Piano – Double Major in BM-Piano Performance and Anthropology

XiShan Wang – Piano – BM-Piano Performance

Marching Band Scholarship

Students participating in the TCU Marching Band will receive a $4,000 scholarship during the fall semester in which they participate. For more information, contact or call 817-257-7640.

Graduate Assistantships & Financial Aid

Assistantships are available to qualified, full-time graduate students in the School of Music. Applicants must be admitted to the program, have an outstanding academic record and present favorable recommendations.

Master’s and doctoral applicants will be considered for graduate assistantships as part of their application process. Assistantships provide tuition grants plus stipend and require approximately ten hours of work weekly.

The deadline for doctoral applications is December 1, and the deadline for master’s applications is January 15.

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For more information about the School of Music admission process or scholarship information, please contact Sarah Walters, Coordinator of Music Admissions at or text/call 817-257-4742.

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