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Kenta Taniguchi BFA Ballet ’17
Nordan Scholar
Josh Brewster Photography

Many students in the SCCD receive financial assistance. This can be a single scholarship or a package of various offerings.  Students should begin working with TCU’s Financial Aid office as soon as they have been admitted to the SCCD and to TCU.


Talent-Based Merit Scholarships

Several endowed scholarships from generous individuals and organizations have been given to SCCD to attract talented students and to support current students. These scholarships are talent-based and may be combined with other forms of scholarship and/or financial aid.

Awards are generally renewable for a total of eight semesters or upon graduation from SCCD, whichever occurs first. Each award stipulates varying renewal requirements. For specific information, see descriptions below.


Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship

Amount: varies, $10,000 per year minimum

Eligibility: Dance major

Graciously endowed by Dr. L.A. and Pearl Nordan, the Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship in Dance is awarded by audition and is based on potential, as well as on skills and demonstrated execution.

Two to four scholarships are typically awarded to first-year BFA majors. In addition to maintaining the standard academic and departmental criteria, recipients of this scholarship are required to re-audition each year and to sign the SCCD Scholarship Agreement .

All auditioning applicants will automatically be considered for this scholarship.  Candidates auditioning in October, November or January will be informed in their acceptance letters if they are eligible for the Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship. By the end of February, these eligible students will learn if they have been awarded a scholarship or if they are on the wait list for a scholarship should another recipient reject her/his award. Notification of these results will only be done by letter.

Candidates auditioning in February will learn in their acceptance letter whether they have been awarded a scholarship or are on the wait list for a scholarship.

For more information about scholarships at TCU, visit the Office of Financial Aid.


Scholarship Highlight


Erin Johnson

BFA Ballet ’16, General Business minor
Nordan Scholar

“Without the aid of donors, I would be unable to attend this respected university and unable to receive the best possible training for my desired career. As a recipient of this scholarship, I would like to thank the Dr. L.A. and Pearl Nordan Endowment for the chance to strive toward and pursue my dreams. (photo Josh Brewster Photography)




Leah Williams

BFA Modern Dance ’18, Arts Administration minor, John V. Roach Honors College, Deans Scholar
Nordan Scholar

“I would not be at TCU without my Nordan Scholarship. It lifted my financial burden and I am eternally grateful. I am happy to have a home here at TCU, and it is solely because of the freedom the Nordan Scholarship granted me.” (Photo: The Dancing Image, Choreography: Kihyoung Choi)