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Study Abroad

Expand your horizons through study abroad programs in more than 50 countries, plus service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe. In addition to TCU’s semester, summer and short-term programs, dance students explore the world through global courses:

Supporting the university’s goal of developing global relationships and cultural learning experiences, the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance encourages students to pursue international experiences through TCU’s study abroad programs.

The school seeks to provide every dance major with an international experience prior to graduation, whether through a study abroad experience, internationally-based course work or guest artists in residence at TCU. Dance faculty value cross-cultural exchange for a total education and strongly support intellectual and experiential studies throughout the global community.


TCU in London: Roehampton Program

Study abroad in the United Kingdom at the University of Roehampton’s top-rated dance department. SCCD majors who qualify for entry into the TCU-in-London: Roehampton Program will pay TCU tuition and retain their TCU financial packages.

The SCCD faculty will work with BFA ballet and/or modern dance majors to determine which courses transfer into their curricular plans at TCU, so that students stay on target to graduate in eight semesters.

BFA dance majors who pursue double majors, double degrees, minors or certifications outside of the dance programs may need more than eight semesters to complete that additional course work if they choose to study abroad.

In collaboration with Fort Worth Sister Cities International, DanceTCU has traveled to Italy, Germany, México and Japan to perform and participate in master classes.

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