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Pilates Teacher Training Program

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“I am incredibly grateful for the SCCD Pilates Teacher Training Program and for the brilliant minds that worked to create this unique opportunity. Through my engagement in this program, I was able to transition immediately into a career in studio management. I rely on my solid foundation built in this training program that prepared me for work in the field. I am honored to be a member of the first graduating cohort.” Mariana Blessing (BFA Ballet, 2020)

“Texas Christian University’s Pilates Teacher Training Program provides a comprehensive training program that prepares each student for the real world. As I entered the Pilates workforce, I felt ready to take on any new challenge. I immediately stood out as a job candidate due to the hours practiced and courses taken over the span of 4 years. I still have the ability to reach out to my instructors at TCU for questions which is a resource in and of itself. The level of professionalism we are required to maintain even amongst our own peers, and the attention to detail in the program has made the transition to employment seamless. Despite my young age, I know I stand out as a teacher because of my background as a dancer, my ability to perform and execute a workout fit for any body. At the end of the work day, I do not feel like I am working but rather doing something I love in addition to helping people feel their best.”      Caroline Biondo (BFA Ballet, 2020)

The Pilates Teacher Training Program in conjunction with the School for Classical & Contemporary Dance has truly impacted my life in a beneficial way. This program has allowed me to discover something I am passionate about that goes hand-in-hand with my knowledge as an artist. I have not only developed as a dancer due to the skills gained through my Pilates training, but also as an instructor. After completing my teaching certification, I was immediately hired by a local Pilates studio and able to begin my teaching journey. Without the PTTP program integrated into my busy schedule as a dance major, I would not have been given the opportunity to pursue something I am so fiercely invested in. This program challenges you both mentally and physically, cultivating your skills as a practitioner and facilitator to the highest degree. I felt beyond prepared in my level of knowledge to begin my own teaching practice after completing this program. Our professors ensure the upmost level of dedication and detail to the Pilates practice by all involved. I am eternally grateful for this experience shaping me into the successful Pilates teacher I am today.  -Grace Croxton (BFA Ballet, 2020)

“A primary reason why I chose to apply for the TCU Pilates Teacher Training Program was because I desired to learn the method behind the magic that benefited me so much as a dancer. I had personal experience with the transformational and rehabilitative effects of the practice and was determined to be able to lead other people toward a similar outcome. Having just graduated from the program, I am proud and grateful to report that I am more than prepared to teach Pilates and to offer high quality instruction with confidence. I attribute this to the investment of my instructors, the hands-on and immersive approach to learning, and the mastery that results from the duration and intensity of the program. Thank you, TCU PTTP for setting me up for success in the field and for providing me with tools that will continue to serve me as I move forward!” Carol Davis (BFA Modern Dance, 2020)

“I’m incredibly grateful to have participated in SCCDance’s inaugural Pilates Teacher Training Program. With the depth of knowledge and practice I’ve gained through this endeavor, I feel confident going out into the world and helping people live healthier and stronger lives through practicing Pilates. Studying the exercise system and philosophy with three different teacher trainers gave my cohort the advantage of learning classical and contemporary approaches and a variety of teaching styles. Additionally, having the program integrated into the dance curriculum made this an ideal addition to my education. I would recommend this program to any dance major who is interested in a career in mindful movement.” Rose Kotopka (BFA Ballet, 2020)

Within the first few weeks of working my new job as an instructor at Club Pilates, I was invigorated by the challenges and energy brought in a setting of large group reformer classes. Because of my training through the PTTP program, I was able to feel confident in the actual material I was teaching and focus on learning the specifics of a new environment. Also, because the PTTP program taught me not only the “how” but the “why” behind each exercise, I feel able to cue a room through seemingly complicated exercises, being precise in how to execute the movement, what they should be feeling and how to modify/progress where needed. I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge that I left the PTTP program with. It has made transitioning into the professional world as smooth as possible!   -Heather McKay (BFA Modern Dance, 2020)

“One of my greatest takeaways from the PTTP has been the discovery of my own perspective and teaching philosophy within the wide and varied world of Pilates instruction. Throughout the program, we were guided to practice and teach within the Scope of Practice of a Pilates professional, yet we were provided with a variety of teaching perspectives ranging from classical to contemporary. I had the opportunity to learn from individuals with a variety of training backgrounds and to teach individuals of various experience levels – and I learned so much both by practicing the movement myself and teaching the movement to others! Exposure to these extensive schools of thought all based in Joseph Pilates’ foundational work allowed me to find my place within the movement, as a practitioner and as a teacher, and has prepared me to meet others where they are while guiding them through the incredible work of Pilates.”  Jamie Young (BFA Ballet, 2020)