The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising: Part One


The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising featuring Zoie ’27 & Alexa Bravos ’22.

The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising featuring Zoie ’27 & Alexa Bravos ’22.

A family legacy took shape for three sets of sisters—Gracie and Izzy Fleming, Zoie and Alexa Bravos, and Lillie and Erin Greehey— as they found themselves drawn to the same path: TCU’s Department of Fashion Merchandising.

We spoke with each pair of sisters to delve deeper into what sparked their interest in the field of fashion and to understand the distinctive connections that the program fostered within their relationships

Zoie ’27 & Alexa Bravos ’22

Zoie hopes to work as a stylist for a prestigious high-end fashion company. Her sister Alexa is the event director & marketing coordinator at Hammitt, a luxury handbag brand in Los Angeles, California.

Zoie ’27

Zoie Bravos ’27

Did Alexa’s experiences in the fashion merchandising program influence your decision?
Zoie: While Alexa never pushed me to choose TCU, observing her experiences from a distance made Texas seem like my destined path. The first time I visited TCU, she took me to the fashion building and snuck me off to the costume archive room. Inside, Alexa introduced me to a captivating collection of historical fashion pieces. In that moment I shared with my sister, I felt an undeniable connection to TCU, knowing it was where I was meant to be.

Alexa: I was so excited to share TCU with Zoie. The fashion program was a highlight of my TCU experience, and given our shared interests and strengths, I was confident that TCU and this program would be an excellent match for her.

What have you most enjoyed about the program?
Zoie: As odd as it may seem, I enjoy the challenges I have faced within this major. In just three months, I have gained lasting knowledge about the fashion industry. The department’s support and encouragement have motivated me and my classmates to strive for our goals, no matter how small or big they may be.

Alexa Bravos ’22

Alexa: Drawn to a career in the fashion industry, pursuing this degree was no question for me. I appreciated that this degree allowed me to use my creativity while being academically challenged. In my current role, I work with multiple departments and consistently put into practice the knowledge I acquired from the program. During my interviews, I distinctly remember my boss emphasizing the significance of the TCU courses in their decision to hire me.

What advice did you share with your younger sister?
Alexa: I’ve stressed the importance of gaining industry experience beyond the classroom through internships or retail positions. My advice to all students is to absorb as much knowledge as possible from your courses. Even if it’s not a sector of the industry you are interested in, you might use that knowledge in your future career.