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TCU Historic Costume Collection

The Department of Fashion Merchandising

The Fashion Merchandising program at TCU is uniquely structured to support a holistic approach to the fashion industry. The program covers fashion design, merchandising and marketing functions of the industry. The program at TCU is not focused on the retail end of the industry or logistics. The following courses are offered in each of the designated areas and some cross over all.

The TCU Historic Costume Collection


Currently, The TCU Historic Costume Collection consists of many donated and purchased items, which has resulted in an excess in some time periods and a shortage in other time periods. To rectify this, and fit our new permanent space, our plan is to review the current collection and retain pieces we currently have that are valuable and fit our mission. In addition to this, we will collect iconic pieces from each decade. These staple pieces will have an important design element or be from a designer that was specifically iconic for that time.

Vision for the Future:

Within this teaching collection, each garment will contain a teaching element that will be used in the classroom, and the collection will be reviewed every two years. Through the evaluation of the collection every two years, the collection will be kept up to date, especially with all of the changes occurring within the industry. Only approved students and faculty members within the fashion merchandising major are allowed physical access to the collection. As the collection continues to grow, contemporary decades will be added accordingly. There are future plans to make the collection digitally accessible to students within other majors. After this is accomplished, the next goal will be to have it digitally accessible to the public.

Cowtown Collection:

Another main envision for the collection will be to have a specific section dedicated to being the “Fort Worth Collection”. The main use of this section will be for items that have a Fort Worth focus and are centered around the city rather than specific decades.




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