Fine Arts Building

The Fine Arts Building opened fall 2019 to house the departments of Design and Fashion Merchandising

As part of the university’s forward-thinking vision, TCU committed to building the Fine Arts Building, a world-class facility to serve as the creative hub for interior design, fashion merchandising and graphic design. This 33,000-square-foot facility features nine state-of-the-art learning spaces designed to inspire students to hone their skills while serving as a launch pad for their professional careers. This new space allows our students unprecedented opportunities for creative collaboration in a unique learning environment that enhances cutting-edge, career-ready results.

This transformative project, which opened in fall 2019, provides TCU students with innovative facilities that enhance their education and career opportunities within the fields of interior design, fashion merchandising and graphic design. In an ever-changing global society, it is imperative that our students are prepared for their professional careers after graduation.

Join us in making an investment in our students. Your gift ensures that the college’s most talented and deserving students continue to benefit from this transformative project. If you are interested in supporting the College of Fine Arts at TCU, please contact:

Angela Strittmatter, Director of Development

FAB Ground Floor
The Fine Arts Building is home to the departments of Design and Fashion Merchandising.

FAB 103 – Student Open Lab
This room houses Mac and PC computers with specialized software for both design and fashion merchandising students.

FAB 109 – Fashion Merchandising Computer Lab
This PC lab offers software for buying, planning and allocation of merchandise. Most of the specialized software programs for the fashion merchandising and interior design industries, including AutoCAD, are used on the PC platform.

FAB 111 – Graphic Design Computer Lab
In this lab, students learn how to use state-of-the-art software for design, video production and editing, web and interactive design, and user experience design (UI/UX) on Macs, the standard computer in the graphic design industry.

FAB 112 – Design Plotting Room
Interior and graphic design students use specialized devices for creating prototypes here. These include a large format photo-quality printer, a digital press, a computer-driven embroidery machine, 3D printers, and high-powered laser engravers.

FAB 114 – Photo Studio
Design students use this studio to learn digital photography and lighting techniques to take high-quality photographs of work for their portfolios.

FAB 119 – Interior Design Studio
Studios are at the center of design education and culture as a place for experimentation, collaboration and reflection. The open floor plan encourages interaction among students at different levels and in different classes.

FAB 124 – Fashion Merchandising General Classroom
This classroom offers flexible seating for lectures or classes to discuss the fashion industry, history, culture, appearance and dress as well as other relevant issues.

FAB 126A – Textile Testing Lab
Students visually and physically examine raw materials and the properties of textiles used for apparel. The internal rating room is used to evaluate color change and staining as well as the appearance of materials and sewn products after laundering or dry cleaning.

FAB 130 – Lighting Lab
One of the few labs of its kind in the U.S., this facility is where students learn architectural lighting design. It features an adjustable lighting grid that can be directed to achieve different effects on various wall coverings, construction materials or other textured surfaces.

FAB 132 – Apparel Construction Lab
Fashion merchandising students use the sewing lab for constructing apparel, accessories and costumes as well as testing fit and creating original garment designs and patterns for assembly.

Building Projects Overview

Renderings of the Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building Beam Signing

On September 28, 2018, during Family Weekend, students, faculty and distinguished guests participated in the beam signing for the new Fine Arts Building, which will house the departments of Interior Design & Fashion Merchandising and Graphic Design.