Wonjin Choi Achieves Musical Excellence at Fort Worth Opera’s Lesley Resident Artist Program


Image of Professor San-ky Kim and student Wonjin Choi.

Professor San-ky Kim has mentored Wonjin Choi ’23 throughout his journey of earning a master’s degree in vocal performance.

In the TCU Voice Studio, students find their voice in the classroom, on the stage and in the world.

Professor of Voice and Opera San-ky Kim’s 18-year career at the College of Fine Arts is marked by a passion for creativity and encouraging students to expand their natural talents, including Wonjin Choi ’23, who has earned a prestigious spot in Fort Worth Opera’s Lesley Resident Artist Program.

Image of Professor of Voice and Opera San-ky Kim

Professor of Voice and Opera San-ky Kim

Kim has mentored Choi throughout his journey of earning a master’s degree in vocal performance. Kim draws from his extensive performance career in over 40 international operatic roles to help students achieve musical excellence and gain insight into a career in the fine arts.

Kim’s interest in vocal performance began at an early age from singing in churches, choirs and A Capella groups in South Korea. He pursued a formal singing education after earning a bachelor’s degree in economics and completing three years of service in the Marines.

“In the part of the world where I grew up, everyone sings,” he said.

While studying at the TCU School of Music, Choi dreamt of pursuing performance opportunities with the Fort Worth Opera. Kim fostered his goal by presenting a tailor-fitted repertoire and unique approaches to hone his skills.

“Every student has a different outlook on their career goals,” explained Kim. “It is important for them to keep their dream big, chase that dream and make that dream come true.”

Joining the Fort Worth Opera’s Lesley Resident Artist Program

“I believe there is no such thing as perfection in performance,” said Choi. “So, I show my best rather than perfection; unlimited thanks to the Fort Worth Opera for choosing my best.”

Image of Wonjin Choi ’23

Wonjin Choi ’23

Choi arrived as an international student to pursue his artist diploma, a selective program accepting only the most skilled musicians to study and perform under the guidance of renowned faculty.

“The decisive reason I attended the TCU School of Music was because of the warm culture where my peers and faculty provided encouragement and support,” said Choi.

While in the program, Choi studied with Kim and learned not to aim only for success but to truly love and enjoy music.

“Academia can be a comfortable place where one absorbs information and ideas,” said Kim. “However, it is the last chance to equip oneself to be audacious in mapping out life goals before hitting the real world.”

Kim designed his instruction to focus on developing Choi’s fundamental vocal skills and repertoire rather than teaching for specific performances.

“Dr. Kim always listened carefully to my thoughts and made a conclusion by balancing his teaching with my opinion,” said Choi. “His process has taken my career to a higher level.”

Before graduation, Choi completed a video prescreening for the Fort Worth Opera’s Studio Artist Program and received an invitation for an in-person audition.

“I don’t think my program acceptance was achieved only by my successful audition,” said Choi. “I had the help and support of many people and want to continue to pursue happiness and share it with others. Once again, thank you so much to Dr. Kim and the voice faculty, the friends of TCU Opera and Fort Worth Opera.”