Sophie DeYoung ’25 Joins the Post Playhouse Theatre Company


Sophie DeYoung has joined the Post Playhouse theatre company for the summer.

Sophie DeYoung has joined the Post Playhouse theatre company for the summer.

Sophie DeYoung, a musical theatre junior, has joined the Post Playhouse theatre company in Crawford, Neb. for the summer. She will work alongside a cast of talented actors and play leading roles, including the narrator in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Shelby in “The Spitfire Grill” and Gina in “Leader of the Pack.”

DeYoung originally submitted material to a director from her hometown of San Antonio to join his summer theatre in Montana. DeYoung instead received a callback for three shows at Post Playhouse, where he had just stepped in as the new artistic director. She completed the callbacks in January and was offered to join the company in February.

“The Narrator in ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ has always been a dream role of mine, and it’s very surreal to be able to do it,” said DeYoung.

DeYoung is eager to perform on stage and gain valuable industry experience she can apply to her studies at TCU and future career opportunities. “Performing with Post Playhouse is single-handedly doubling my resume with professional theatrical work,” said DeYoung. “I am incredibly grateful and know I am right where I need to be!”

Q&A with DeYoung

Image of Sophie DeYoung.

Sophie DeYoung ’25

What are you most excited to learn from this unique opportunity?
I am so excited to put my training from TCU into practice; this is what the program has prepared me to do! I am also thrilled to make connections with talented artists that will hopefully further my career as a professional performer. And, of course, I can’t wait to create incredible theatre!

What made you want to pursue your area of study?
I was in my first musical at seven years old. Like any kid, I tried out a ton of hobbies and sports, but the only place I never once dreaded attending was the theatre. I quickly found a knack for creativity and a passion for performing, and as I got older, I never found something that gave me that same kind of spark.

I was hesitant to pursue theatre professionally, but my mom encouraged me to give it my best shot. She has seen the joy that theatre gives me, and I’m so grateful for her support in pursuing my passion as a career.

How have your studies and time at TCU prepared you for this role?
Our Department of Theatre faculty is phenomenal. My professors have impressive resumes and incredible professional experience that they selflessly pass on to me and my peers. Even in my first two years, they’ve already given us tangible training and advice for when we step into the professional world, and it has been incredibly helpful in my career as a performer thus far. They teach the importance of kindness, hard work, consistency and passion for our industry. I feel more than prepared to take on this summer contract with their advice and training under my belt!