The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising: Part Three


The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising featuring Lillie ’27 & Erin Greehey ’22.

The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising featuring Lillie ’27 & Erin Greehey ’22.

A family legacy took shape for three sets of sisters—Gracie and Izzy Fleming, Zoie and Alexa Bravos, and Lillie and Erin Greehey— as they found themselves drawn to the same path: TCU’s Department of Fashion Merchandising.

We spoke with each pair of sisters to delve deeper into what sparked their interest in the field of fashion and to understand the distinctive connections that the program fostered within their relationships.

Lillie ’27 & Erin Greehey ’22

Lillie aspires to establish her own company or follow in her sister’s footsteps, Erin, who currently serves as an assistant buyer at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas.

What drew you to the field of fashion merchandising?
Lillie: My grandma taught my sisters and I how to sew, and over the years, I refined my skills. As cheer captain, I took charge of props and costumes for cheer camp, creating fifteen football costumes from scratch using my sewing machine. These homemade costumes were a huge success, with the constant support of my sister Erin, who had been a cheer captain before me.

Now, at TCU, I want to further my creativity and use my skills to establish a fashion-related business. I would love to do this with my sister Erin someday because we share the same creative skills.

Why did you choose to attend the TCU Fashion Merchandising program?
Lillie: Growing up in the close-knit community of Alamo Heights, I felt like I belonged to a large family in a small town. Attending TCU has provided me with that same sense of home, and let’s not forget the Horned Frog spirit. Pursuing a fashion merchandising degree stems from my passion for fashion and staying current with trends. This field allows me to immerse myself in the industry. Moreover, it blends creativity and business skills, enabling exploration of both facets of the fashion world. I’m honored to follow in my sister’s footsteps in earning a fashion merchandising degree at TCU. 

Did your older sisters’ experiences influence your decision?
Lillie: Erin has taught me more than I ever needed to know about fashion. Our shared discussions about magazines and current trends fueled my eye for fashion, leading me to become the stylist for my friends. Erin’s dream was to work for Neiman Marcus, and with the help of TCU and her determination, she achieved just that. Erin has always inspired me, so hearing her talk about her fashion classes inspired me to follow in her footsteps.