Exploring Technical Design in New York City


Image of Kendall Navas, a technical design intern for LoveShackFancy, a luxury fashion boutique in New York City.

Kendall Navas ‘23 is a technical design intern for LoveShackFancy, a luxury fashion boutique in New York City.

Kendall Navas ‘23, a fashion merchandising major, is a technical design intern for LoveShackFancy, a luxury fashion boutique in New York City. She works closely with the technical design team to create specification (spec) sheets, technical packages and garment measurements.

Image of LoveShackFancy office

LoveShackFancy office

“One of my peers was a LoveShackFancy wholesale intern, so I reached out to HR director Mariajose Blanco about internship opportunities,” explained Navas. “I have always loved design and technical design seemed like an opportunity I could not pass up. I applied to the internship the day the position was posted and within a couple of days, I got an interview.”

Throughout the summer, Navas will help create the Resort 2024 collection and attend fit model meetings, where the design, production and technical design teams discuss the apparel and how each garment drapes the body. Every product on the LoveShackFancy website goes through two to four fittings to get the best fit for customers.

Navas has enjoyed the welcoming environment and opportunities to connect with her team, including celebrating a brand partnership with Vogue. CEO Rebecca Hessel Cohen invited everyone into the showroom to celebrate and gave a short speech. “It truly shows her passion and dedication for her brand and employees,” said Navas.

Q&A with Navas

What are you most excited to learn from this unique opportunity?
I am excited to learn more about the luxury fashion industry and how technical designers enhance garments for production. It is great to see how the technical design team collaborates with the design, production and product development teams.

Image of Kendall Navas ‘23

Kendall Navas ‘23

What made you want to pursue your area of study?
I am a creative and analytical person and have always loved working with numbers and design. Technical design deals with both, so I was excited to learn more about this profession. Before the interview, I knew very little about technical design, and I can now say I love it and may want to continue pursuing this area after graduation.

How have your studies and time at TCU prepared you for this role?
My product development class provided the skills needed for the internship, including working on technical packages. In my fashion drawing and apparel construction classes, I learned how to create precise measurements, which I use when completing spec sheets and garment measurements for my internship. I am happy to have the opportunity to put my knowledge to use.

What are your career goals?
My goal is to work in the creative side of the fashion industry, whether it is being a merchant, in product development, technical design or fashion design. I am eager to start my professional journey and work for a luxury brand with opportunities to travel and see the world.