Empowering Texas Through Recycling


Image of Emma Schluterman’s billboard campaign.

Department of Design Senior Emma Schluterman’s billboard campaign were selected as the winning design by the jury.

Department of Design Senior Instructor Jan Ballard spearheaded her second collaboration with the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) in honor of Texas Recycles Day on Wednesday, Nov. 15. Students previously created social media graphics for a STAR holiday statewide campaign in 2021.

“This collaboration between the TCU Department of Design and STAR is invaluable,” explained the STAR board. “Texas Recycles Day is a collaborative effort among recycling and sustainability-focused organizations seeking to harmonize, align and amplify messaging to help boost recycling statewide. To have one of our state’s higher education institutions contribute to this effort is exciting.”

Department of Design senior Emma Schluterman.

Department of Design senior Emma Schluterman.

Senior Emma Schluterman’s billboard campaign and enamel pins were selected as the winning design by the jury.

The selection was made by a jury of Texas Recycles Day Partners:

The selection committee commended all the student submissions and applauded their exceptional designs, with design studies junior Anna Phifer receiving an honorable mention.

Schluterman’s award-winning design incorporated iconic Texas imagery such as a cowboy, a cowboy boot and a longhorn, all made from recycled paper. Additionally, she created a logo icon that can be used as a pin for Texas legislators.

“Texans take pride in their state, and these billboards are a direct reflection of that,” explained Schluterman. “The billboard headlines incorporate nods to familiar Texan phrases and recycling jargon, such as ‘Saddle up for Sustainability,’ ‘Less Waste, More Yeehaws’ and ‘Let’s Round up the Recycling, Texas.'”

Image of two more campaign designs

Additional campaign designs

The billboards will be visible throughout the state thanks to a generous donation from Lamar Advertising Company. Graphic Design Advisory Supporting Member HF Custom Solutions will produce the enamel pins. STAR members will distribute these lapel pins to Texas state legislators and key stakeholders at the Capitol on Texas Recycles Day.

“It was truly a privilege to contribute to such an educational and impactful campaign,” expressed Schluterman. “As a newer Texan, my initial impression was that Texans take great pride in their identity. With this campaign, the hope is that Texans can be proud of their recycling, too.”

“Our students are the future, but they are also current participants in and observers of recycling systems across the state,” said the STAR board. “Their diverse perspectives and unique designs are imperative to keeping our messaging relevant and expanding our reach. Our mission is to advance recycling through partnerships, education, and advocacy for the benefit of Texas.”