Design Alumnus is the Creator Behind New Downtown TCU Mural


Image of Trevor Scott

Department of Design’s Trevor Scott ’22 was selected to design a new 96-foot mural in the heart of downtown that celebrates TCU’s longtime connection with Fort Worth.

Department of Design’s Trevor Scott ’22 is watching his creation come to life on a huge scale. He was selected to design a new 96-foot mural in the heart of downtown that celebrates TCU’s longtime connection with Fort Worth. He’s hoping the mural will inspire community connection and creativity.

“As TCU continues to grow alongside Cowtown, this mural aims to plant a purple flag in the heart of the city,” Scott explained. “The core idea behind the mural was to merge Fort Worth with TCU, fostering a sense of unity among Horned Frog fans, alums, current and prospective students and the city.”

The all-purple monochromatic mural artfully integrates key Fort Worth landmarks and custom typographic styles, ensuring its enduring and distinctive appeal. Scott utilized custom typography to celebrate the city’s nostalgia and Western influence along with TCU’s spirited community, athletic ambition and educational innovation that drives the university forward.

Image of Trevor Scott

Scott hopes the mural will inspire community connection and creativity.

Each design element was meticulously hand-drawn, with the illustrations representing the university’s pride and deep-rooted connection to Fort Worth. The mural incorporates iconic TCU elements like the Campus Commons, Frog Fountain and SuperFrog, symbolizing the exchange of knowledge and the university’s dynamic spirit. The fireworks on both sides of the composition alludes to the celebrations of new academic years, athletic success and exciting events the university hosts.

“Overall, I felt that these elements best represented TCU’s history and story,” Scott said.

With its prominent location in the heart of downtown, Scott envisions the mural engaging and uniting the community for years to come.

“Maybe it encourages someone to attend an athletic event, or inspires a prospective student to attend TCU, or helps alumni reminisce on their collegiate experience,” Scott said. “I am excited to see how this impacts TCU and Fort Worth, and my hope is that the mural can be something everyone can be proud to have in their city.”

Q&A with Scott

 How did the TCU Department of Design prepare you for your career path?
My education at TCU was unmatched, and I am forever grateful to have been a part of the program. My professors helped fuel my passion for this career path, and I cannot thank them enough. Throughout my progression in the program, I grew a love for typography, branding and package design, which is a focus in my career currently. The Department of Design helped me grow confident in my design skill set while collaborating with my classmates. Without a doubt, I can say that I have already put knowledge from all of my classes to work in my early career – which is a testament to the professors and the curriculum.

What advice would you give to current Department of Design students?
Bask in the challenging moments and take advantage of any opportunity to bolster your portfolio. Extra effort in your projects is very noticeable to judging panels, potential clients and employers. That additional push into each project can transform your work from good to great, helping you land a job or creative opportunity. In addition, fill your portfolio with work you enjoy creating – and there’s a good chance that’s the work you’ll gain in the future.