Chinese Muslim Calligraphy Workshop Held on Campus

On Friday April 6, Master Chinese Calligrapher Haji noor Deen presented a workshop for a group of students, faculty and staff.

Master Deen is a world renowned calligrapher whose works have been exhibited throughout the world and recently across American universities including Harvard University. Deen’s work has been recognized by the world’s highest authorities in modern Arabic calligraphy. His work also speaks to the underrepresented history of Islam and Islamic arts in China.

The workshop included hands-on instruction in Islamic calligraphy, and explored the many differences within traditional Chinese calligraphy. It also included an extensive historical discussion of the art forms and their use in communication over the centuries, including paper, ink and tools in addition to technique.

Mr. Deen’s workshop was sponsored by the Department of Graphic Design with the generous support of the College of Fine Arts Board of Visitors, in collaboration with the Departments of Religion and Middle-Eastern Studies.