Alexis Ancira ’24 Learns Brand Strategy and Influencer Partnerships 


Department of Fashion Merchandising senior Alexis Ancira is spending the summer as a marketing intern for LAUDE the Label, a sustainable apparel brand founded in Fort Worth. She manages marketing duties for the company, including influencer partnerships, brainstorming digital marketing plans to enhance the brand’s social media presence and wholesale marketing.

“LAUDE the Label prides itself on its ethical and sustainable production, and I find it important to communicate that to consumers,” said Ancira. “Through the right marketing, the brand will be easily identifiable, and as an intern, it is my pleasure to learn how that happens behind the scenes and even bring my ideas to the table.”

Q&A with Ancira

Image of Alexis Ancira, a Department of Fashion Merchandising senior.

Alexis Ancira, a Department of Fashion Merchandising senior.

How did the opportunity arise?
I befriended Laude’s intern from the previous summer through one of my classes. She told me about this opportunity as I was searching for a summer internship position. I was very interested in the role and thought it sounded right up my alley. She told me who to contact, and an interview was set up shortly after.

What made you want to pursue your area of study?
Fashion has always been my biggest creative outlet, and analytics have always been my greatest skill. Fashion merchandising balances both of those aspects, so it truly has been the perfect major for me. It has allowed me to learn about all of the various sectors of the fashion industry to assist in choosing my ultimate career path.

How have your studies and time at TCU prepared you for this role?
The TCU Fashion Merchandising Department does an incredible job at career preparation. The wide variety of classes has allowed me to be well-rounded and gain an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry from sewing, fashion illustration drawing, fashion marketing and merchandise buying. These courses have allowed me to help with projects separate from my role as a marketing intern.