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Music Ambassadors

TCU Music Ambassadors represent the School of Music at various recruitment and special events virtually or on campus, meet with prospective students and their families, provide tours of the music buildings, assist with Mondays at TCU and audition days, serve on panels, and represent the best and brightest within the School of Music. They also identify outreach opportunities to area schools to share information about the important role music plays in our society and what it’s like to major in music in college.

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Calen Garza headshot

Calen Garza, senior

Music Education, voice 

“My favorite thing about TCU is the warm, welcoming sense of community that pervades campus. Whether in class, the BLUU, a football game, or anywhere in between, everyone you meet is genuinely glad to see you. This is something truly unique to TCU’s exceptional community of faculty, staff & students who selflessly lead on in the pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery.”


Brianna Halsema headshot

Brianna Halsema, junior

Music Education, horn

“TCU offers resources and experiences that cannot be beat! I have many opportunities to flourish individually and get to work on a personal level with renowned professors. Meanwhile, I also feel the energy and spirit of a campus that extends beyond the classroom and into our lives. There’s a reason we all love it here!”


Max Healy headshot

Max Healy, sophomore

Music Performance, cello

“My favorite place at TCU is the hallway with the practice rooms in Ed Landreth. Whether I’m there practicing or hanging out, there is this sense of unity, all of these like-minded people gathered for the love of music.”





Emily Jackson headshot

Emily Jackson, junior

Music Performance, soprano

“My favorite thing at TCU is the amazing, uplifting community of the School of Music. In every single one of my ensembles and classes, I feel at home, because I know everyone in the room is prepared to encourage and support one another. It makes me excited to get out of bed and head to Ed Landreth each day for classes, lessons, and practice sessions!”




Kaitlyn Norwood headshot

Kaitlyn Norwood, junior

Music Education, trombone

“I love that TCU is a campus that cares. We have engaged and friendly faculty and a positive atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration. The College of Fine Arts provides opportunities to promote musicianship and mentorship. TCU has been my home away from home. I have created life-long memories, including going to Washington D.C. with the Trombone Choir to perform at the American Trombone Workshop. Frogs, forever!


Kathryn Pina headshot

Kathryn Piña, junior

Music Performance, soprano

“One of my favorite things at TCU is the supportive environment in the School of Music. This nurturing atmosphere allows me to feel safe as I develop as an artist. TCU has provided me with a surplus of opportunities for professional growth and continues to give me unique platforms to explore my creative endeavors.”


Alex Rodzewich

Alex Rodzewich, sophomore

Music Education, percussion

“My favorite thing about TCU is how nice and welcoming the community is. My entire first year on campus was amazing because of how welcome I felt and how much I had a sense of belonging.”





Chengjin Tian headshot

Chengjin Tian, sophomore

Music Education, double bass

“As a TCU Frog, we have a lot of opportunities to play and listen to all kinds of music. My favorite experience in the TCU School of Music is our great Orchestra rehearsal on the stage every week. It is always a pleasure to meet friends from all over the world in the Orchestra.”




Patrick Vu headshot

Patrick Vu, senior

Music Education/Music Composition, voice

“My favorite thing about TCU is the community and that is especially evident within the TCU School of Music.  Faculty and staff are very supportive of their students and are always there for help when needed.  At TCU, every student has an opportunity to let their voice be heard.”