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Music Ambassadors

TCU Music Ambassadors represent the School of Music at various recruitment and special events virtually or on campus, meet with prospective students and their families, provide tours of the music buildings, assist with Mondays at TCU and audition days, serve on panels, and represent the best and brightest within the School of Music. They also identify outreach opportunities to area schools to share information about the important role music plays in our society and what it’s like to major in music in college. Read more below about our current student ambassadors!


Alyssa Boortz
Amber Bowen
Apurva Mamidenna
Autumn Bell
Bella Evans
Benne Lindley
Cassie Westlund
Catherine DiGrazia
Debbie Seitter
Emily Torkelson
Grady O'Gara
Heath Bain
Henry Haas
Jordan Riek
Jordana Garcia
Joshua Santana
Katie Schulte
Matthew Bartley
Nikkie Galindo
Sofia Dahm
Zoie Pilate