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At TCU, you’ll grow intellectually and personally, and you’ll also gain professional knowledge and skills for a successful career. Internships are invaluable for helping determine which career path most interests you.

Fashion merchandising students are required to complete an internship. The students get to choose where they intern and the department will monitor their experiences.

A high number of our students are hired at the companies where they interned.

All fashion merchandising students are required to complete FAME 40283 Fashion Internship. This course is for credit and is supervised by a faculty member. Students complete class assignments related to their internship work experience during the summer semester and tuition is charged. Students will either take this course the summer following their junior year if they are a December or May graduate or the summer following their senior year if they are an August graduate. NOTE: Credit will not be awarded for any internship or work experience other than FAME 40283.

Fashion Merchandising Majors

A 10-week supervised internship is required for all majors between their junior and senior years to gain first-hand industry experience with top fashion companies. A sample of companies where students have interned include:

  • Love Shack Fancy
  • Proenza Schouler
  • Cannon Media Group
  • Oscar de la Renta
  • Hari Mari
  • Fossil
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Arteriors Home
  • Boardriders
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tom Ford
  • Walmart
  • Dickie’s
  • Yves Saint Laurent

TCU Policy on Internships

TCU offers hundreds of internships in any given semester and does not support political or personal statements associated with any of them. We evaluate each opportunity to ensure academic value as it relates to a course of study. Beyond that, we encourage you to seek the opportunities that best match your interests and to choose how to best fulfill your internship requirements.

Learn more about TCU’s internship and job opportunities.

 Fashion Merchandising Students Internship Spotlight


Alexis Ancira ’24 Learns Brand Strategy and Influencer Partnerships


Department of Fashion Merchandising senior Alexis Ancira is spending the summer as a marketing intern for LAUDE the Label, a sustainable apparel brand founded in Fort Worth. She manages marketing duties for the company, including influencer partnerships, brainstorming digital marketing plans to enhance the brand’s social media presence and wholesale marketing.

“LAUDE the Label prides itself on its ethical and sustainable production, and I find it important to communicate that to consumers,” said Ancira. “Through the right marketing, the brand will be easily identifiable, and as an intern, it is my pleasure to learn how that happens behind the scenes and even bring my ideas to the table.”

Q&A with Ancira

Image of Alexis Ancira, a Department of Fashion Merchandising senior.

Alexis Ancira, a Department of Fashion Merchandising senior.

How did the opportunity arise?
I befriended Laude’s intern from the previous summer through one of my classes. She told me about this opportunity as I was searching for a summer internship position. I was very interested in the role and thought it sounded right up my alley. She told me who to contact, and an interview was set up shortly after.

What made you want to pursue your area of study?
Fashion has always been my biggest creative outlet, and analytics have always been my greatest skill. Fashion merchandising balances both of those aspects, so it truly has been the perfect major for me. It has allowed me to learn about all of the various sectors of the fashion industry to assist in choosing my ultimate career path.

How have your studies and time at TCU prepared you for this role?
The TCU Fashion Merchandising Department does an incredible job at career preparation. The wide variety of classes has allowed me to be well-rounded and gain an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry from sewing, fashion illustration drawing, fashion marketing and merchandise buying. These courses have allowed me to help with projects separate from my role as a marketing intern.

Exploring Technical Design in New York City


Image of Kendall Navas, a technical design intern for LoveShackFancy, a luxury fashion boutique in New York City.

Kendall Navas ‘23 is a technical design intern for LoveShackFancy, a luxury fashion boutique in New York City.

Kendall Navas ‘23, a fashion merchandising major, is a technical design intern for LoveShackFancy, a luxury fashion boutique in New York City. She works closely with the technical design team to create specification (spec) sheets, technical packages and garment measurements.

Image of LoveShackFancy office

LoveShackFancy office

“One of my peers was a LoveShackFancy wholesale intern, so I reached out to HR director Mariajose Blanco about internship opportunities,” explained Navas. “I have always loved design and technical design seemed like an opportunity I could not pass up. I applied to the internship the day the position was posted and within a couple of days, I got an interview.”

Throughout the summer, Navas will help create the Resort 2024 collection and attend fit model meetings, where the design, production and technical design teams discuss the apparel and how each garment drapes the body. Every product on the LoveShackFancy website goes through two to four fittings to get the best fit for customers.

Navas has enjoyed the welcoming environment and opportunities to connect with her team, including celebrating a brand partnership with Vogue. CEO Rebecca Hessel Cohen invited everyone into the showroom to celebrate and gave a short speech. “It truly shows her passion and dedication for her brand and employees,” said Navas.

Q&A with Navas

What are you most excited to learn from this unique opportunity?
I am excited to learn more about the luxury fashion industry and how technical designers enhance garments for production. It is great to see how the technical design team collaborates with the design, production and product development teams.

Image of Kendall Navas ‘23

Kendall Navas ‘23

What made you want to pursue your area of study?
I am a creative and analytical person and have always loved working with numbers and design. Technical design deals with both, so I was excited to learn more about this profession. Before the interview, I knew very little about technical design, and I can now say I love it and may want to continue pursuing this area after graduation.

How have your studies and time at TCU prepared you for this role?
My product development class provided the skills needed for the internship, including working on technical packages. In my fashion drawing and apparel construction classes, I learned how to create precise measurements, which I use when completing spec sheets and garment measurements for my internship. I am happy to have the opportunity to put my knowledge to use.

What are your career goals?
My goal is to work in the creative side of the fashion industry, whether it is being a merchant, in product development, technical design or fashion design. I am eager to start my professional journey and work for a luxury brand with opportunities to travel and see the world.

Jocelyn Diaz ’24 Lands Internship with Top Fashion PR Agency in Hollywood


Image of Jocelyn Diaz ‘24, a fashion merchandising major, who has been selected for a prestigious internship with REGARD Style House.

Jocelyn Diaz ‘24, a fashion merchandising major, has been selected for an internship with REGARD Style House.

Jocelyn Diaz ‘24, a fashion merchandising major, has been selected for a prestigious internship with REGARD Style House, a leading boutique fashion PR agency in West Hollywood, California. The agency specializes in brand development, red-carpet events, magazine placement, and more with celebrities and leading industry tastemakers.

Diaz works closely with the CEO and Showroom Manager to ensure smooth operations of the showroom, including researching brand coverage of celebrity placements, assisting stylists and talent, and creating social media content.

“I am excited to learn more about the industry in Los Angeles,” said Diaz. “So far, I have had the amazing opportunity to assist in celebrity media placements for international fashion events, including the Cannes Film Festival, Tony Awards, several movie premiers, magazine appearances and more.”

Diaz has always had a keen interest in the fashion industry and reached out to Regard Style House’s CEO and Creative Director to explore internship opportunities with the assistance and connection of Sally Fortenberry, Professor and Chair of the TCU Fashion Merchandising Department.

Q&A with Diaz

Jocelyn Diaz ‘24

Jocelyn Diaz ‘24

What made you want to pursue your area of study?
I have always been fascinated with design, luxury brand marketing, fashion marketing, fashion magazine editorials and runway shows. Fashion is an art, a form of expression, and my favorite way to express my creativity.

How have your studies and time at TCU prepared you for this role?
I feel very prepared for this role. My courses in fashion marketing, digital design, merchandise buying, product development and global fashion consumers have provided the knowledge and skills I can apply to my career interests and achieve success in the fashion industry.

TCU’s Center for Career & Professional Development was especially beneficial in helping me have everything in place to land the perfect internship. I also had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester and explore leading fashion capitals, including Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona, Florence among others.

What advice would you give to other Fashion Merchandising students?
I have an amazing impression of my internship experience thus far and recommend applying for internships to work with high-end designers, stylists, celebrities and marketing in Hollywood.

I have also realized the importance of networking in the Los Angeles fashion industry. My supervisors are well-connected with industry talent and designers and have introduced me to clients visiting the showroom. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and love coming to my internship every day. My team is driven to be the best in the industry, and it motivates me to do my best each day.