Jessica Zeller

Associate Professor of Dance
Classical & Contemporary Dance
Erma Lowe Hall 219 | 817-257-7615

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Ph.D., Dance Studies, Ohio State University
MFA, Dance, Ohio State University
BS, Dance/Arts Administration, Butler University

Courses Taught

Ballet Technique (all levels)
Teaching Methods: Ballet
Dance History
Critical Studies in Dance
Junior/Senior Honors Thesis

Areas of Focus

Ballet pedagogies, Philosophies of Education, Dance histories, Romantic and Classical Ballet Repertoire

Jessica Zeller is an Associate Professor of Dance in the TCU School for Classical & Contemporary Dance, where she teaches courses across the ballet curriculum and in dance histories, theories, and pedagogies. She holds a Ph.D. in Dance Studies and an MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University, and she received her B.S. in Dance/Arts Administration from Butler University. Zeller’s forthcoming book project, Critical Ballet Pedagogy: Teaching beyond the Ideal (Routledge), theorizes how ballet pedagogies develop and proposes praxis-based approaches for building humanistic, equitable teaching practices. Drawing from dialogues with teachers and students, it offers imperatives for the work of ballet pedagogy in the twenty-first century. Her 2016 book, Shapes of American Ballet: Teachers and Training before Balanchine (Oxford University Press), unearths the teachings of lesser-known European and Russian ballet pedagogues and situates them in the context of early twentieth century American Capitalism. Zeller’s most recent work appears in the anthologies (Re:)Claiming Ballet (Intellect, 2021) and Hybrid Teaching: Pedagogy, People, Politics (Hybrid Pedagogy, 2021). She facilitates pedagogy workshops for faculty, students, and administrators across higher education. From 2022-2024, she will serve as President of CORPS de Ballet International.

A New York native and student of Maggie Black, Rochelle Zide-Booth, and Jan Hanniford Goetz, Zeller’s studio teaching makes reference to their work and is complemented by her research on critical and progressive pedagogies. In performance, Zeller has danced several works from the ballet canon—most notably the role of Giselle, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and the Act I pas de trois and the Act II Cygnets pas de quatre in Swan Lake. She has danced in Bebe Miller’s work, as a guest artist with the Indianapolis Opera, with project-based companies in New York City, and at the American Cabaret Theatre, where she collaborated with singers, actors, dramaturges, and musicians. She was on the ballet faculty of the BalletMet Dance Academy in Columbus, Ohio, before joining the faculty at TCU.

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CORPS de Ballet, International

Dance Studies Association

Society of Dance History Scholars (2007-2017)

President, CORPS de Ballet International, 2022-2024

President-Elect, CORPS de Ballet International, 2020-2022

Reviewer, Oxford University Press

Reviewer, Routledge

Review Board, Journal of Dance Education, 2018-2022