Jessica Zeller

Jessica Zeller

Associate Professor
Classical & Contemporary Dance
Erma Lowe Hall 221 | 817-257-6170

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Ph.D., Dance Studies, Ohio State University
MFA, Dance, Ohio State University
BS, Dance/Arts Administration, Butler University

Courses Taught

Ballet Technique (all levels)
Teaching Methods: Ballet
Dance History II (Western Concert Dance)
Dance Theory
Junior/Senior Honors Thesis

Areas of Focus

Ballet Pedagogy, Western Concert Dance History

Monograph: Zeller, Jessica. Shapes of American Ballet: Teachers and Training before Balanchine. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.

Book chapter: Zeller, Jessica. “Developing the American Ballet Dancer: The Pedagogical Lineage of Rochelle Zide-Booth.” In Dance on its Own Terms: Histories and Methodologies. Edited by Karen Eliot and Melanie Bales. 283-304. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Forthcoming journal article: Zeller, Jessica. “On Pedagogy and Embodiment.” Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies. Society of Dance History Scholars. 2017.

Forthcoming journal article: Zeller, Jessica. “Reflective Practice in the Ballet Class: Bringing Progressive Pedagogy to the Classical Tradition.” Journal of Dance Education 17 (2017): n.p.

Journal article: Zeller, Jessica. “Luigi Albertieri: Bringing Italian Traditions to American Ballet.” Dance Chronicle 38.1 (2015): 55-80.

Zeller, Jessica. “Tradition and Innovation: Dance Manuals and Ballet Training in Early Twentieth Century America.” CORPS de Ballet, International annual conference, Provo, UT. June 2017.

Zeller, Jessica. Opening remarks at Maggie Black Memorial event (February 2016; New York City Center Studios; Maggie Black Memorial Planning Committee, sponsor).

Zeller, Jessica. “Destabilizing the Dance Studies Classroom with Constructivist Pedagogy OR Starting the Semester Without a Syllabus: My Experience Teaching ‘Dance Theory.’” CORPS de Ballet, International annual conference, Pittsburgh, PA. June 2014.

Member, Society of Dance History Scholars

Member, CORPS de Ballet, International

Advisory Board, Dance Chronicle (A Taylor & Francis Journal)

Chair, Archives & History Committee, CORPS de Ballet, International (Council of Organized Researchers for the Pedagogical Study of Ballet, International).

Peer Reviewer: Oxford University Press; Dance Chronicle, Journal of Dance Education