Admission FAQs

Where do I send my application materials?
Office of Graduate Studies
College of Fine Arts
TCU Box 297550
Fort Worth, TX 76129

Will you mail me an application?
Applications are available online.

What is an official transcript?
In order to be considered official, transcripts must be mailed directly from the registrar’s office to the Office of Graduate Studies.
Office of Graduate Studies
College of Fine Arts
TCU Box 297550
Fort Worth, TX 76129

How many transcripts do I send?
Two official transcripts from each university you have attended must be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies. This includes any junior college or university where you may have taken a summer course.

If you are an international student, these will need to be translated by an official translator into English. They will need to be sent in sealed envelopes directly to the university.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Is there a form for letters of recommendation?
Yes. It will be sent to the email you list for each person writing a letter of recommendation.

Or, you can have the person write an original letter in his/her own words and send the letter in a sealed envelope to this address:
Office of Graduate Studies
College of Fine Arts
TCU Box 297550
Fort Worth, TX 76129

Can I call and check on my application?
Give transcripts two to three weeks to arrive; then feel free to email or call and check on your application status. Email or call 817.257.7603.

Can I change who I designated to send letters of recommendation?
Three letters of recommendation are required for your application. It is your choice who sends the letters of recommendation.

Does a letter of recommendation have to come from a professor?
It is your choice who sends the letters of recommendation. (For example: you may have been out of school for an extended period of time. You may want employers or co-workers to send letters of recommendation.)

Do I need to take the GRE?
The General GRE is required for DMA applicants in composition. It is required for master’s degree applicants in art history, composition, musicology, music education and music theory.

What is the minimum GRE score acceptable?
For master’s degree candidates, a combined score of 300 on the verbal and quantitative portions of the test is required.  On the analytical writing portion of the test, a score of four is required.

How do I sign up for the GRE?
GRE website

What is TCU’s school code for the GRE?

Are assistantships available?
If you want to be considered for an assistantship, apply early. For the fall semester, it is best to apply before Feb. 1. Apply before Nov. 1 for the spring semester. We do not have a separate application form for assistantships. Check the box on your admissions application that you wish to be considered for an assistantship.

How many hours per week do I participant in the department for an assistantship?
Most assistantships require approximately 10 hours per week.

What duties will I participate in for my assistantship?
Duties will be determined by your department chair or faculty advisor.

How is the assistantship paid?
The assistantship is paid on a bi-weekly basis. Take the amount of the assistantship and divide it by half the number of weeks in the fall and spring semesters (usually around 17 to 18). That will give you the amount of your bi-weekly check. Checks start in mid-September.

What is the graduate bulletin (catalog)?
Save and print your graduate bulletin for the year and semester you start your graduate studies program. This can be found connecting through the TCU registrar’s homepage. It is your graduation contract with TCU. Your graduate bulletin (catalog) contains information outlining rules, regulations, graduation and your degree plan.

Where can I find a place to live and how much will it cost?
Check apartment availability at the Residential Services website.
 You can learn more about off-campus living here.

Where can I find more specific graduate information for my area of study?
School of Art Graduate Information
School of Music Graduate Information


English Requirements for International Applicants

In order to be considered for admission to the TCU DMA program, all international students must complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language and achieve one of the following scores:

80 on the iBT TOEFL (Masters applicants)

100 on the iBT TOEFL (DMA applicants)

This requirement applies to prospective international students coming from abroad as well as those coming to TCU from another college or university in the United States. Official scores must be sent to TCU from the testing agency.

Students who have earned a degree (in music) at an English-language university may be exempted from taking the TOEFL, at the discretion of the Graduate Standards Committee.

The on-campus interview and submitted writing samples will also be used to evaluate each applicant’s English language proficiency. International students may be asked to interview via teleconference to ascertain listening and speaking ability in English. You can sign up for the TOEFL exam through their website: – TCU code: R6820

Assistantship Information

You will be responsible for student fees, student medical insurance, housing and living expenses as a graduate student. If you are given an assistantship, that will help cover the cost of student fees, housing and living expenses, but it may not cover everything. If you are awarded tuition only, it will only pay for your tuition.

For visa purposes, TCU estimates student expenses. Take the total estimate and subtract the amount of your tuition award and assistantship. The remainder is the amount that your sponsor will need to be responsible for on your financial statement.

(For example: If the estimated amount for a student to live and study on for a year is $49,300, and the TCU tuition and assistantship award is $37,000, then the student will need to prove that his family is able and willing to provide the additional $12,300. per year.) This is a necessary step in order to obtain an I-20 and ultimately a visa.