The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising: Part Two


The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising featuring Gracie ’27 & Izzy Fleming ’22.

The Sisterhood of Fashion Merchandising featuring Gracie ’27 & Izzy Fleming ’22.

A family legacy took shape for three sets of sisters—Gracie and Izzy Fleming, Zoie and Alexa Bravos, and Lillie and Erin Greehey— as they found themselves drawn to the same path: TCU’s Department of Fashion Merchandising.

We spoke with each pair of sisters to delve deeper into what sparked their interest in the field of fashion and to understand the distinctive connections that the program fostered within their relationships.

Gracie ’27 & Izzy Fleming ’22  

Gracie Fleming '27

Gracie Fleming ’27

Gracie is a first-year student in the program, and her older sister, Izzy, is currently an account executive for Theia Jewelry in Dallas, Texas.

Why did you choose to attend the TCU Fashion Merchandising program?
Gracie: With Izzy already enrolled at TCU, she encouraged me to tour the campus as a junior in high school. As I continued the countless tours of other schools, I kept thinking about the close-knit community on TCU’s campus. At the start of my first semester, I was an undecided major and remained on the fence between two very different fields of study. I decided to follow my interest in fashion and must credit my sister for influencing my decision, as her high praise for the program played a pivotal role.

Izzy: Initially, TCU was not on my radar during the college application process. I thought I would follow my family’s tradition and attend the same state school. However, in my senior year, my mom surprised me with a TCU tour, and within five minutes, I knew I only wanted to be a Horned Frog. From a young age, I had a passion for fashion, eagerly anticipating my Vogue monthly subscription. I began as an undecided major and explored different paths but found fashion merchandising was always in the back of my head. In my second semester of sophomore year, I made the leap to switch programs, and since then, it has been the best decision I made for myself.

Izzy Fleming ’22  

Izzy Fleming ’22  

How has participating in the same program enhanced your bond with your sister?
Gracie: My sister and I share a unique bond, miraculously born on the same day but five years apart. Throughout our lives, we’ve faced many experiences together. One notable tradition involved yearly birthday trips to New York City, where we both discovered our love for fashion. Following in similar footsteps at the same school, I am grateful for the opportunity to grow even closer to my sister, who helped shape me into the person I am today.

Izzy: When Gracie decided to attend TCU, I was ecstatic to have another family member on my team. While I hoped Gracie would pursue a fashion merchandising degree, I let her decide for herself. Now that she is in the same program, it is so fun to live vicariously through her.      

What advice did you share with your younger sister?
College was when I discovered my true passion, developed new hobbies, learned much, and met the most amazing people. Take it all in because it truly flies by. Also, learn from my mistakes and always save and double back up your projects.