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Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Both the Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship (ARLE) minor and certificate provide TCU undergraduate students with the knowledge and practical skills to effectively lead arts organizations, such as orchestras, galleries, theaters, museums, film and dance companies, and/or successfully manage their artistic careers in the creative economy. The field of arts administration is crucial to supporting the vital role that the arts play in our society. The TCU College of Fine Arts remains committed to sustaining the offering of important ARLE coursework to provide TCU’s future leaders in the arts with the tangible skills for success in the creative economy.

The ARLE curriculum addresses the essential competencies required for running nonprofit/public arts organizations: organizational development, visioning and planning, effective governance, financial management, fundraising, managing staff and volunteers, audience development, community engagement, programming and special events, marketing and public relations, and effectiveness evaluation. The ARLE curriculum emphasizes real work projects and hands-on experience in arts organizations on campus and throughout Fort Worth, strengthening TCU’s relationship with the local arts community.

Undergraduate students completing any major at TCU may pursue an Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship minor or certificate with permission of the program coordinator. Please direct any inquiries to the ARLE Program Coordinator and Director of Academic Resource Center Dr. Kristen Queen (

Students who have completed the minor have gone on to successful careers in the arts — as artists and/or as accountants, fundraisers, marketers and operations managers.

Students also meet regularly with the program coordinator and faculty to discuss expectations and goals, and to reflect on achievements. TCU students in the ARLE minor and certificate have gained professional experiences through internships and projects with the following organizations:

  • Amon Carter Museum
  • Artes de la Rosa
  • Arts Fort Worth
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Dallas Winds
  • Fort Worth Opera
  • Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
  • Kids Who Care
  • Kimbell Art Museum
  • Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
  • Stage West
  • The Art Station
  • The Cliburn
  • Walton Arts Center

ARLE Course Rotation

ARLE 20103 Introduction to Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship – every semester

ARLE 30103 Leadership, Dynamics and Planning in the Arts – FALL 

ARLE 30203 Financial Management and Fundraising in Arts Organizations – SPRING

ARLE 30303 Audiences, Community, Programs and Marketing in Arts Organizations – FALL

ARLE 30403 The Creative Economy – SPRING

ARLE 40103 Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship Experience (Capstone) – every semester

Optional Course:

ARLE 40903 Internship in Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship – as needed

See the course list for course offerings and descriptions.