Conducting Audition Requirements

Master of Music

Initial screening requires a submission of candidate conducting video –preferably rehearsal and performance footage. Video needs to be submitted via the School of Music Admissions Portal. 

If initial screening is accepted candidates will be invited to campus to guest conduct one of the large ensembles for a final audition.

Doctor of Musical Arts

To be admitted for study leading to the Doctor of Musical Arts, applicants must hold a master’s degree in music or music education (or the equivalent) of at least 30 credit hours from an accredited college, university, or comparable institution, and present a GPA of at least 3.0 for all previous graduate-level work (A = 4.0). Appropriate preparation for doctoral study will vary according to the major/degree plan chosen; therefore, prospective applicants should consult with faculty in their intended major area for specific requirements and expectations.

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • A completed application for admission to DMA graduate study.
  • Two official transcripts of all college work. Translations must be provided for all international transcripts.
  • Non-refundable $60 application fee.
  • Three current letters of reference from persons qualified to comment on the applicant’s academic musical achievement, teaching and/or professional experience, and potential for success in the degree program.
  • A double-spaced typed paper of five pages or more that illustrates the applicant’s best writing and research skills. A term paper completed as part of master’s level work is sufficient, or the student may submit a research paper, a critical analysis or an article suitable for publication.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae. This should include a list of concert performances, compositions, publications, and other musical accomplishments.
  • Test scores must be sent to TCU from the testing agency: GRE (all students) and TOEFL (international students).

Based on the results of pre-screening, an invitation may be extended to perform an on-campus audition/recital/interview in the principal applied music area before a faculty committee. Applicants should not select an audition day until they have received an official invitation to do so. If invited, the audition/recital/interview should be arranged in coordination with the faculty in the major area and the College of Fine Arts Graduate Office. The CFA Graduate Office will send faculty contact information after application materials are received.

The candidate must present a dossier at the audition; it should include the audition program, a vita and a repertoire list. During the audition, which will be heard by at least three members of the graduate faculty, the candidate normally performs 30-45 minutes from a prepared one-hour program. After the performance, the applicant will interview with the faculty present. The faculty will report their evaluation of the audition and interview to the College of Fine Arts Graduate Office, using the Report of DMA Audition Form. This report will be added to the student’s file, which will be reviewed by area faculty, the Graduate Standards Committee, the School of Music director and the associate dean for graduate Studies.

Master of Music

At this time,  there are currently no MM-Conducting Openings for Orchestral concentration until Fall 2022.

In addition to the University and School of Music requirements, students interested in this program must fulfill the following requirements.

Every graduate student must participate in an ensemble for a minimum of two semesters during residency. In special circumstances related to stipend or assistantship, ensemble participation may be required for additional semesters.

International Student Requirements

Applicants from countries other than the United States must meet the same admission standards required of all other applicants. In addition, before being admitted to the School of Music, each international student must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Exam. The University requires an official iBT score of 80 for admission. Performance majors must earn 30-34 hours in approved graduate courses, including at least 12 hours in studio instruction, and present two recitals, the content and format of which shall be determined and evaluated by the student’s Graduate Advisory Committee. Pedagogy, musicology, music theory and composition majors must earn 34-36 hours in approved graduate courses, with at least half of the courses, including thesis where appropriate, in the principal field. The piano pedagogy curriculum is designed to provide advanced training in the field of piano pedagogy by preparing students to teach studio and class piano, conduct research in their field, write papers suitable for publication and present lectures and workshops on pedagogical topics. A comprehensive oral examination must be passed before the completion of all programs. This examination is given after the final recital or project is completed.

Doctor of Musical Arts

At this time, there are currently no DMA-Conducting Openings for Orchestral concentration.

Students seeking admission typically hold a Master of Music degree before matriculation.
Live audition conducting the TCU Symphony and theory and history examination held at TCU.