The Art Galleries at TCU

The Art Galleries at TCU

Highlights for the upcoming Spring 2024 season include:

Co-curated by first year MA Art History graduate students for Dr. Wendy Sepponen’s class, Embodiment: The Personal and Universal Body, brings into productive conversation works from two neighboring MFA programs, Texas Christian University and University of Texas at Arlington. On view at Moudy Gallery January 18 – February 3. Artists include: Emily Brown, Paula Currie, Shuang Gou, Nijal Munankarmi, Alfredo “Freddy” Ortega, Raul Rodriguez, Eli Ruhala, Michael Scogin, Brandi Alyson Simpson, and Lauren Walker.

Click here to access the catalog for this exhibition.

On view at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, January 19 – Feburary 17, Refract features second-year Master of Fine Arts candidates: Austin Lewis, Mckee Frazior, Raul Rodriguez, and Eli Ruhala.

Children Need Love Like Flowers Need Rain is a solo exhibition featuring the work of JooYoung Choi, on view from March 1 – May 4, 2024 at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. Choi will present an artist talk at 5 pm on Thursday, February 29 at 5pm on Moudy North Building, Room 132. There will be an exhibition opening reception at Fort Worth Contemporary arts for artist on Friday, March 1, 6-8pm.

And key exhibitions of new student work in Moudy Gallery:

Annual Graphic Design Juried Exhibition, February 8 – 15
Annual Juried Student Exhibition, February 22 – 29
MFA Thesis Exhibtion by Max Marshall, March 6 – 26
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Lauren Walker, April 2 – 13
BFA Studio Art Thesis Exhibition, April 17 – 24
BFA Graphic Design Senior Exhibition, April 29 – May 3

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Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

August 30 – September 30, 2023 : In Passing: Ane Le & Trinh Mai organized by guest curator Kim Phan Nguyễn

In Passing featured new work by second-generation Vietnamese American women, Ann Le and Trinh Mai. Including photography, sculpture, video and installation, this exhibition highlights the migrant experience through the lens of Vietnamese Americans. While many of the works are inspired by the artists’ personal and familial history, various connecting threads are revealed as both artists explore universal themes including migration, resilience, loss, memory and identity. “Family traditions and stories touch and connect all of our lives,” Nguyễn said. “Knowing where we come from is an important foundation to know who we are today.”

Ann Le  |  Trinh Mai  |  Kim Phan Nguyễn

fabric painted with ink to show a portrait of a woman in front of a table with a type writer.

three classical busts in a row, one in sharp focus in the middle of a little girl


October 13 – November 17, 2023: Pleasure & Protest

Conceptual threads connecting these five artists center on exploring or re-situating domestic craft and decorative art practices in relation to painting the figure. They employ strategies of pattern, gesture and repetition through a range of materials and methods including watercolor, fresco-secco, wallpaper, clay and embroidery. Their works celebrate handwork and revel in the pleasures of tactile surfaces, decoration and ornamentation.

Over forty years on from the groundbreaking Pattern and Decoration art movement, works by these five artists prompt fresh discussion about the renewed value of craft in contemporary art practices. Collectively their work protests against hierarchies in subject and material, and their concerns in paint reflect current feminist discourse about cultural identity, representation and making.

 Jackie Gendel  | Lovie Olivia  |  Yana Payusova  |  Alexis Pye  |  Keer Tanchak

art gallery with a long wall covered in wall paper dividing the space. Pedestal with a ceramic vase on top.

Image of 2 walls with bright artworks hanging on them. Also a small painted dog at the bottom of one of the walls.

close up of an out of focus ceramic vase, the focus is on a large painting of a Black woman pointing at the viewer.


Moudy Gallery

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

January 20 – February 18, 2023: Criss Cross Applesauce: MFA Candidacy Exhibition 2023

The 2023 MFA Candidacy Exhibition featured the work of second year Master’s of Fine Arts Candidates Max Marshall and Lauren Walker. With playful intention, the work in this exhibition explored the power of constructed narratives and the spaces that act as their settings through mediums of sculpture, painting, and drawing.

Max Marshall received her BFA in Painting and Drawing with a second major in Art History, from The University of North Texas in 2015. In her current body of work, she examines the origins and creators of popularized American folklore which historically cowboys as individualistic and stoic seekers of justice. By fabricating her tall tale of a species of giant Cowboys and setting this revised origin story within the guise of roadside museums and highway attractions, Max creates a stage on which the popular Cowboy archetype can be critiqued as similarly flawed or absurd. With tongue in cheek, the resulting work asks questions of how, who constructed it and to what depth does it resound within our modern culture?

Lauren Walker’s current body of work explores the dollhouse as it relates to her personal experiences with femininity, sexuality, shared domestic space and make-believe. Through painting and ceramics, the resulting work uses playful gestures to elicit a queer narrative, disrupting the notion of idealized space. She invites the viewer to approach the work with their personal experiences of the domestic in mind, with questions of scale, materiality, and color palette shaping this ongoing research.  Lauren is a Fort Worth native and received her BFA in Painting from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Read Glasstire’s review of the show by Jessica Fuentes here



March 24 – May 6, 2023: 150 years / 150 Artists

In conjunction with TCU’s sesquicentennial, the School of Art hosted a group exhibition featuring the work of 150 artists in all media accompanied by an exhibition publication that explored the legacy of the visual arts at TCU. Artists featured included current TCU student and faculty artists, and alumni students and faculty artists. Selections of works by local and regional artists from the TCU permanent collection were also included. Click here to read the “150 Years / 150 Artists” publication.

Artists included: Fernando Alvarez, Francisco Josue Alvarado Araujo, Sheryl Anaya, Kalee Appleton, Jon Ashcraft, Randy Bacon, Greg Bahr, Deedra Baker, Clint Bargers, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Maria Barrientos, Stephen Battle, Iris Bechtol, Carol Benson, Jayne Hinds Bidaut, Michael Blair, Christopher Blay, Jashley Boatwright, Rosalyn Bodycomb, Chris Bond, Nick Bontrager, Rachel Bounds, Bradly Brown, Dario Bucheli, Meredith Cawley, Janet Chaffee, Kristen Cochran, David E. Conn, Lynné Bowman Cravens, Blakely Dadson, Brian K. Dickson Jr., Lindsey Dunnagan, Simeen Farhat, Lauren Fleniken, Sierra Forrester, Hayley Fowler, Julia Franklin, Mckee Frazior, John Frost, Adam Fung, Jennifer Gassiraro, Harry Geffert, Shelley R. Gipson, Ryan Goolsby, Sam Granado, JT Grant, Daniel Gray, Holly D. Gray, Jennifer Guest, Joe Guy, Linda Guy, Randy Hall, Courtney Hamilton, Timothy Harding, Susan Harrington, Marshall Harris, John Hartley, Alyssa  Hawkins, Terry Hays, Nathan Hayes, Jack Hein, Candace Hicks, Erin Hill, Barbara Horlander, Etty Horowitz, Sarah Hunt, Clay Hurt, William Jenkins, Dan Jian, David Johnson, Fernando Johnson, Bella Pinedo, Julie Jung, Michelle Justice, Patrick Kelly, Shin Kitahara, Tuba Koymen, Hiroko Kubo, Dick Lane, Meg Langhorne, Duoc Le, Casey Leone, Austin Lewis, Nathan Little, Rachel Livedalen, Benjamin Loftis, Billi London-Gray, Alejandra Lopez, Layla Luna, Davion Mack, Max Marshall, Sydney Martin, Todd McCollister, Elizabeth McLaurin, Margaret Meehan, JoAnn Mulroy, Mary Nangah, Natalie Neale, Devon Nowlin, Adeniyi Olagunju, Madi Ortega, Sally Packard, Harmony Padgett, Dhananjaya “DJ” Perera,  Kacie Perez, Jack Plummer, Chris Powell, Hector Ramirez, Ryder Richards, Raul Rodriguez, Eli Ruhala, Greg Ruppe, Winter Rusiloski, Kiran Sattar, Cam Schoepp, Thomas R. Seawell, Kay Seedig, Luther Smith, Susan Smith, Tiffany Wolf Smith, Lori Dolan Solley, Stefani Job Spears, Ann Stautberg, Ashley Stecenko, Adelynn Strong, Terry Suprean, Keer Tanchak, Jason Thing, Corrie Thompson, Terri Thornton, Adrianna Touch, Audrey Travis, Mckie Trotter, Janet Tyson, Bernardo Vallarino, Charles Varner, Lauren Walker, Andy Warhol, Ron Watson, Steve Watson, Karen Weinman, Ashley Whitt, Chris Wicker, Angilee Wilkerson, Alden Williams, Sydney Williams, Zeke Williams, Jim Woodson, Lillian Young & Samuel P. Ziegler




Moudy Gallery

  • February 8 – 14 : Annual Graphic Design Juried Exhibition
  • February 20 – 25: Annual Juried Student Exhibition – juror Yana Payusova
  • March 2 – 8: MFA Thesis Exhibition – Sheryl Anaya
  • March 20 – 25: MFA Thesis Exhibition – Benjamin Loftis
  • March 30 – April 5: MFA Thesis Exhibition – Madi Ortega
  • April 10 – 15: MFA Thesis Exhibition – Sarah Theurer Hunt
  • April 19 – 27: BFA Studio Art Thesis Exhibition
  • May 1 – 5: BFA Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

Aug 24 – Oct 1, 2022: WAKE – Ian Weaver

Ian Weaver’s artistic practice is interdisciplinary in nature, and he uses a variety of media including drawing, collage, assemblage, sculpture, photography and film to explore memory and consider how individuals and communities construct their own identities. In reference to Christina Sharpe’s writings on representations of Black life, the title of Weaver’s exhibition responds to multiple understandings of “wake” – the temporary and ephemeral path behind a boat, a social ritual associated with funerals and a celebration of the dead, and the idea of awakening or becoming conscious. For his exhibition at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Weaver responded to “wake” with a selection of objects that collectively weave together intersecting concerns of memory and identity. Referencing historic maritime culture, his new work included the skeletal frame of a boat hull, an anchor, and part of a lighthouse. He also included family photographic portraiture and a film that documents the wake of a boat on the Little Calumet River, a location that was once an important part of the Underground railroad on the South Side of Chicago.



Oct 19 – Nov 18, 2022: Yours, in Extraction: Robyn Woolston

Robyn Woolston’s socially-engaged practice elicits site-specific responses to environmental concerns and human agency. Her work across installation, photography, moving image and print explores concerns ranging from economic imperatives and government policy to ecological grief and the psychological effects of the climate crisis. For the Art Galleries at TCU Woolston presented a new film and discursive objects resulting from ideas and materials gathered during two residency periods in Fort Worth (November 2019 and January 2022) and through collaboration with TCU’s Department of Psychology and BRIT, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. View Woolston’s film visit here




Moudy Gallery

    • September 1 – 22: BRB: Kristen Cochran
    • September 29 – October 20: Faculty Exhibition
    • October 27 – November 2: Honors Studio / Art Education
    • November 7 – 11: Honors Graphic Design
    • November 16 – 30: BFA Studio Art Thesis Exhibition
    • December 5 – 9: BFA Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition

“With Pleasure,” 2022 MFA Candidacy Exhibition


Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

The Art Galleries at TCU are pleased to present Persona, three solo exhibitions featuring the work of Richie Budd, Kris Pierce and John Rasimus. The exhibitions run February 25 – April 30, 2022 at Fort Worth Contemporary Art and opens with a reception for the artists on Friday, February 25, 6-8pm. Budd and Rasimus will present artist talks in the gallery on Saturday, February 26, at 2pm. Pierce will present an artist talk in the gallery on Saturday, March 26, at 2pm. Additional live programming to be confirmed soon.


The artists describe Persona as loosely referencing Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 Swedish film of the same title; an experimental, psychological drama renowned for its perplexing suggestion that the two main characters experience a type of an emotional convergence. Formatted as three concurrent solo exhibitions, the artists’ work circles ideas relating to identity, duality, and character as traits of humans’ inherent need to distinguish and validate their existence as individuals.


Through these individual presentations, the artists consider the development of persona in real and digital space, including involvement of physical senses. In different ways they each speak to a complicated desire to exist at the center of one’s own universe. Working within an anti-collaborative format, a web of connections between the artists’ approaches is revealed without the dynamics of a traditional group exhibition or the type of social alliance that informs much contemporary media.

PERSONA 3D Walkthrough

Three Solo Exhibitions:


Moudy Gallery


Upcoming Events
Current Exhibitions and Programs

“Sequential Self: Gender and Identity in Comics”, Moudy Gallery, October 2021


The Fall 2021 semester at The Art Galleries at TCU was a whirlwind of exhibitions and activity! Both Fort Worth Contemporary Arts and Moudy Gallery re-opened to our public audiences and hosted many of our regular student exhibitions that were on-hold last year. We host two exciting projects at Moudy Gallery by TCU School of Art faculty and Staff, and at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts a site specific installation and performance by artist duo Dani + Sheilah ReStack! You can revisit our Fall 2021 virtual exhibitions and materials below!


Moncrief Cancer Institute is invested in the idea that the presence of art can positively impact the experience of their patients. Their vision is to provide Tarrant County and surrounding communities with the foremost science, resources and programs to reduce the threat and impact of cancer. The partnership between Moncrief Cancer Institute and the TCU School of Art celebrates the vital relationship between art and medicine. TCU Graduate students and alumni are selected to serve as Guest Curators and are advised and supported by the staff of The Art Galleries at TCU through the entire exhibition-making process. Below are links to view past and present exhibitions hosted at Moncrief Cancer Institute.

Moncrief Art Gallery

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About The Art Galleries at TCU

The Art Galleries at TCU are a dynamic cultural resource presenting unique exhibitions and projects by inspiring contemporary artists. Through a rigorous curatorial process of research, creative collaboration and interdisciplinary partnerships, the galleries showcase excellent artistic practice and high-quality art, while supporting experimentation and innovation. To support students and faculty, the galleries act as a catalyst for critical dialogue and provide a vital avenue for professional development through investigation of contemporary art practices.


Moudy Gallery

"now & back then; Cuba" by Marielis Conde Mendez at Moudy Gallery, 2021

“now & back then; Cuba” by Marielis Conde Mendez at Moudy Gallery, 2021


Located in the same building that houses the School of Art, Moudy Gallery showcases student work, including exhibitions by undergraduates and MFA students. This 900-square-foot space also functions as a responsive place for one-off or pop-up projects that students and faculty develop. TCU regularly shows its support for local professional artists by providing a collaborative environment in the Moudy Gallery as a testing ground for work-in-progress. Exhibitions or events of this kind help artists get involved in numerous ways and significantly benefit TCU students by enabling them to develop their professional networks with the local creative community.


Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

"Let My Body Eat the Sun" by Christie Blizard at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, 2021

“Let My Body Eat the Sun” by Christie Blizard at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, 2021


Fort Worth Contemporary Arts (FWCA) is a satellite exhibition space located a few blocks from the School of Art, on the edge of the TCU campus. Situated on West Berry Street, a busy urban corridor, this 2,000-square-foot gallery is TCU’s public-facing art venue. It offers a great opportunity for students, faculty, staff and alumni to engage with the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

At FWCA, the curatorial focus revolves around national and international artists at different stages of their career. It often includes work that has never been shown in Texas before or that is made on-site during a residency period. This concentration means students have close access to high-quality art and can critically engage with artists on a one-on-one basis in the gallery.

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts is located at 2900 W. Berry St. on the edge of the TCU Campus, Fort Worth, TX 76109.


View current and past exhibitions on Artsy.


Opportunities for Students

Students can volunteer or intern as gallery attendants. Interns are typically assigned responsibilities and research, such as overseeing social media for the galleries and researching artists’ work for future exhibition projects.

In addition, graduate students are assigned to the galleries each semester and complete weekly tasks including installation/deinstallation of exhibitions, delivery of live events and maintenance of the permanent art collection.

The Art Galleries at TCU are home to exhibitions from regional and international artists, students, faculty and alumni. To see the upcoming exhibitions in the galleries, please visit our event calendar.


Locations and Hours

Moudy Gallery

2805 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76129

Monday-Friday: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Saturday: 1-4 p.m. and by appointment

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts

2900 W. Berry, Fort Worth, TX 76109

Wednesday-Saturday: 12-5 p.m., and by appointment

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The Art Galleries at TCU
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For more information about the Art Galleries at TCU, please contact  and 817-257-2588.


Photo: Post-Processing by Cisco Merel at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, 2017

Photo on homepage: Rogue Objects by JJ Peet and Rob Rhee at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, 2016
Photo on sidebar: Recording Studio A4 by Sebastiaan Bremer at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, 2016