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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I audition for more than one emphasis?
Yes, but you should only submit one Acceptd profile for the emphasis of primary interest. Indicate your secondary interest on your Acceptd application and be sure to discuss all programs you’d like to be considered for admittance in your audition with Theatre TCU faculty.

Musical Theatre is by far the most competitive BFA program and we highly suggest auditioning for this program with a secondary interest listed. Due to the high number of Musical Theatre applications received, indicating the Musical Theatre BFA as a secondary interest in your application for another emphasis will not meet requirements to secure a Musical Theatre audition.


When will I know if I am accepted into the BFA program?
The acceptance process is rolling. Everyone will receive a “yes” or “no” response before the end of March.


Do you have any tips for recording prescreen videos?
Acceptd’s Prescreen Recording Tips provides an overview that covers the technical aspects of creating a prescreen recording as well as industry standards for what makes a successful one.


I’m interested in pursuing a double-major. What should I know?
We strongly suggest the BA program for students wanting to pursue a double-major. Due to the high number of required hours in the BFA degree plans, it is extremely difficult to meet all requirements within four-years. Based on prior experience, we believe the BA program offers the flexibility and broad theatrical training for students to thrive while completing a double-major.


I’d like to schedule a department visit. Who should I contact?
Current high school seniors, second semester juniors, and all transfer students are eligible for a single department tour. A minimum 7 days’ notice is required for departmental tours. 

If you have never visited TCU, we suggest signing up for a morning Campus Tour with the Department of Admissions. Theatre TCU will coordinate an afternoon tour, including meetings with faculty and students, attending classes, and facilities tour.

Contact Sue Anne Cameron, or 817-257-4196, to schedule a visit.