Bachelor of Arts, Theatre

The BA theatre degree provides broad training in theatre, requiring nearly half the hours as the BFA theatre degree.

BA theatre students attend classes alongside BFA students and receive the same focused training and mentoring by our performance, design and production faculty.

Any admitted TCU student may declare a BA theatre major; no additional audition, portfolio review or interview is required. BA students are required to work on a theatre production crew for four semesters and must also fulfill a foreign language requirement as part of TCU’s BA degree requirements.

BA students are not required to participate in annual juries with the theatre faculty.

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The BA degree offers the flexibility to craft a degree plan that suits you and your professional goals. You may explore other areas of interest or double-major in another discipline, such as earning a teaching degree from the College of Education. BA theatre students have earned double majors in business, accounting, education, English and minors in arts administration.

When you graduate, you’ll join an impressive network of Theatre TCU alumni who work across the nation in professional and academic theatre, including graduates who have garnered roles as actors and choreographers on national tours, as voiceover actors for animated series, and as theatre educators.

Theatre TCU graduates work in major theatre markets such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and locally in Dallas-Fort Worth. Some choose to attend graduate school in disciplines such as acting and directing or acquire teaching certificates to teach theatre.

Consistent with TCU’s liberal arts tradition, all theatre majors are exposed to all facets of production, performance and scholarship. All BA students take common core theatre courses, including design, stagecraft, acting, lighting, costuming, makeup, script analysis, theatre history and directing.

All theatre production assignments are open to BA theatre students, as well as all TCU students. BA students are regularly cast in productions, and they have designed, directed, stage managed and fulfilled all crew assignments as well.