Prospective Students

Undergraduate Admission

All applicants to the BFA and BA Theatre programs must apply to the University. You do not have to receive acceptance notification to audition for our program.


BFA Entrance and Portfolio Review

First-year students interested in the BFA Theatre program must audition or complete a portfolio review for entrance. To apply for an audition, please complete your profile online through GetAcceptd and submit it to TCU. The profile will be used as a pre-screen. You will be contacted about your audition time approximately 7-10 business after receipt of your pre-screen audition. See audition requirements and dates below. Students admitted to TCU may enroll in the BA Theatre program without an audition.


BFA Acting Audition Requirements

Two contrasting monologues – 90 seconds or less. If one is comic; the other should be serious. If one is contemporary; the other should be classical.


BFA Musical Theatre Audition Requirements

Two songs, 16 bars each, one up-tempo and one ballad and a 90 second monologue. Be prepared to learn a dance combination to perform as a group. Bring sheet music; a professional piano accompanist is provided. No one may sing with pre-recorded accompaniment or a capella.


BFA Design, Production and Theatre Studies Interview Requirements

Bring a design portfolio and other visual support materials to their interview. Upload digital portfolio contents to


Unified Auditions

Same requirements as above, except: Students must provide recorded music and player; no piano is available. Appointment times for Unifieds will not begin until after November 1.


Audition Dates for Entrance into the Program 2020-2021

Audition DateLocationPrescreen Submission DeadlineEmphasis
November 13-15, 2021
CAP United Auditions (Atlanta)November 1, 2021BFA — All Emphases
December 5, 2021TCU On-Campus AuditionNovember 29, 2021BFA — All Emphases
January 22, 2022TCU On-Campus AuditionJanuary 10, 2022BFA — Musical Theatre ONLY
January 23, 2022Virtual TCU AuditionJanuary 10, 2022BFA — All Emphases
January 29-30, 2022National Unified Auditions (New York City)January 17 2022BFA — All Emphases
February 5, 2022TCU On-Campus AuditionJanuary 24, 2022BFA — Acting, Design/Tech, Theatre Studies ONLY
February 7-10, 2022National Unified Auditions (Chicago)January 24, 2022BFA — All Emphases
February 12-13, 2022National Unified Auditions (Anaheim)January 31, 2022BFA — All Emphases


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