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Scholarships listed here are offered through the Department of Theatre and College of Fine Arts.

Theatre students may receive other forms of scholarships, grants, and financial aid through the University. For more information about those opportunities, contact TCU’s Office of Financial Aid.

A BFA entrance audition or portfolio review serves as a theatre scholarship application. Learn more about entrance auditions.


Nordan Fine Arts Scholarships

Amount: Approximately $15,000 per year

Number: Three Nordan Scholarships in theatre are given to incoming first-year students each year. The Department of Theatre has a total of 12 Nordan Scholarships, given to three students in each class.

Eligibility: Exceptional talent in the arts. Applicants must audition for the BFA program. Awards are renewable for a total of 4 years, subject to fulfilling departmental expectations; maintaining a GPA of 3.0 in the area of the award, maintaining a TCU cumulative GPA of 2.5 and maintaining satisfactory academic progress standards.


Theatre Scholarships

Amount: Variable

Number: Variable

Eligibility: The Theatre Department awards these scholarships to theatre students who are in the BFA program.


Production & Activity Scholarships

Amount: Approximately $2,000-$5,000 per year

Number: Approximately 40 per year

Eligibility: The Theatre Department awards these scholarships to theatre students in exchange for 10 hours of production work each week in the department. The scholarships are renewable and an increase in the amount is given to returning students. The recipients of the activity scholarships are required to work for the department 10 hours per week. Production scholarships are available for work in the Scenic Studio, Costume Studio, Lighting and Sound, Props, Box Office, and other areas.


Scholarship Highlight


Every one of the 20 students who fulfilled major production responsibilities on the musical A Day in Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine received significant financial aid from TCU.

14 Theatre Scholarships

13 Theatre Production Grants

Nordan Fine Arts Scholarships

Chancellor’s Scholarships

Mary Hawn Scholarships

Lou Miller Canter Scholarship

Bill and Ann B. Stokes Scholarship

Clay and Kristen Hicks First Nighters Scholarship