Unheard Music to Their Ears


Music faculty record rare compositions

Two TCU School of Music faculty partnered to release an album this summer of largely undiscovered music.

Misha Galaganov, chair of strings and professor of viola, and John Owings, chair of piano and Herndon Professor of Music, released Charm, Passion and Acrobatics after Galaganov discovered a library of compositions that were generally unknown.

Charm, Passion and Acrobatics

“The idea for this recording project started with my acquisition of a collection of sheet music, scores and books from the library of Armand Pushman, brother of the famous artist Hovsep Pushman,” Galaganov said. “My excitement in discovering these undeservingly-obscure viola compositions is difficult to describe. I immediately contacted my piano colleague, John Owings, and suggested series of recitals and a recording project. It is lucky that John agreed to it – and was excited about the project, too.”

Galaganov said that because of this recording, he has added to his own repertoire, which, in turn, extends his pedagogical repertoire.

“Many of my students have already performed and enjoyed works that I uncovered,” he said. “Also, in the future, when people learn music featured on our album, they will be able to listen to our recording for reference.”

The album includes works from Pierre Kunch, Désiré-Émile Inghelbrecht and Ernest Chausson. With the exception of the latter, none of the works have been recorded.

“So,” Galaganov said, “our album is a world premier recording!”

Learn more about the artists and the album.