TCU Presents: How Women Shape the Arts


Discover the stories of the pivotal contributions from women who have shaped the world of the arts since the time of the Italian Renaissance.

The panel includes influential members of the Fort Worth art community:

Nancy Edwards, curator at the Kimbell Art Museum, will moderate.

Babette Bohn, TCU art history professor emerita

Babette Bohn, TCU art history professor emerita

The experts will explore the innovation of women artists in a sphere historically designed for and by their male peers. The analysis will then transition to the present generation of women at the forefront of their field.

“I hope people will begin to realize how extraordinary the accomplishments of women artists have been for centuries – and how astonishing it is that it has taken us so long to realize the magnitude of their achievements,” Bohn said.

The discussion is based on Professor Bohn’s book, “In Women Artists, Their Patrons and Their Publics in Early Modern Bologna.”

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