Graphic design students win international awards


Duracell ad

Karel’s design shows athletes inside the battery working hard to indicate that Duracell’s battery will work just as hard for the consumer.

Sixteen students in the graphic design program won a combined 29 medals (one platinum, five gold and 23 silver) and 61 honorable mentions in the Graphis New Talent Annual international awards program. Graphis is the oldest, and considered to be one of the most distinguished, adjudicated forums for design work worldwide.

In this year’s program, TCU had the third highest rate of accepted work, competing with undergraduate and graduate students from around the world.

Maya Karel

Junior Maya Karel won platinum—the top award—for her advertising design featuring Duracell’s new line of optimum batteries.

“Duracell is known as the number one trusted battery, so I wanted to reinforce [that] idea [with] the new [product’s] unique selling proposition: having more power and a longer life,” said Karel. “I used the brand’s colors [of] black, copper and white to try [to] uphold the brand standards across the campaign.”

The Graphis New Talent Annual will be published as a hardcover book later this year; Karel’s project will be showcased with commentary and a photo of her supervising professor, David Elizalde.

Other medalists from TCU include:


Madeleine Alff, Portrait Photography

Chelsea Chase, Iris Ink Identity

Alexandria LaMastra, Monument Identity

Jesse Pham, Oculus Advertising

Davis Scruggs, Fashion Photography



Madeleine Alff, Strictly Curls Advertising

Derek Bowers, “Where Will Life Take You?” Theatre Poster

Chelsea Chase, Work Life Balance Photography

Caroline Fischer, Ragtime Book Jacket

Kayce Goen, The Magnificent Ambersons Book Jacket

Ryan Hinchcliff, Strawberry Dr. Pepper Advertising Campaign

Rose Hoover, Skewed Kabob Branding

Elizabeth Ireland, Baked or Faked Advertising

Maya Karel, Gone with the Wind Poster

Alexandria LaMastra, Don’t Look Back Advertising

Alexandria LaMastra, The Cat’s Song Animation

Alexandria LaMastra, Wag Organic Dog Treats Packagaging

Mackenzie Malpass, ‘Shark Week’ Tampax Advertising

Mackenzie Malpass, “When Can I See You Again?” Animation

Nicole Oesterreicher, Ashton Photography

Nicole Oesterreicher, Lucid Identity

Nicole Oesterreicher, Mirror and Shadow Photography

Cassie Schmidt, Seoulfull BBQ Branding

Cassie Schmidt, Dressage Infographic

Davis Scruggs, Fish Still Life Photography

Davis Scruggs, Fly Fishing Infographic

Davis Scruggs, Lily Photography

Brandi Wright, Chinatown Poster

See the work of all of TCU’s winners on the Graphis website.