Graphic Design Exhibition “Kicking A** and Taking Names” Earns Notice


blotchdesign by Michele Farren

blotchdesign by Michele Farren

The Department of Graphic Design’s annual juried exhibition offers not only a chance for students to have their work judged by a preeminent expert in their field, but for the public to interact with graphic design in a non-commercial environment. This year, the exhibition was judged by DFW-based design legend Jack Summerford, and featured print, video installations, and packaging designs, among others.

Fort Worth Weekly writer Dee Lara viewed the exhibit not only as a chance to see the best works from TCU’s talented students, but as a way to view graphic design in a whole new light.

Kick A** and Take Names succeeds in highlighting the emerging talent of TCU’s graphic design students but, maybe more importantly, by shifting design from the context in which we’re accustomed to seeing it. The show separates the visual rhetoric of design from its usefulness, freeing us to look at it a little bit more carefully.

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